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Heather and Trevor Wurtele Sign on With Enve

Heather and Trevor Wurtele. Photo: davidmccolm.com
Heather and Trevor Wurtele. Photo: davidmccolm.com

Canada’s fittest couple, Heather and Trevor Wurtele will be racing on ENVE wheels and components this season. The Utah-based, ENVE Composites is a manufacturer of handmade carbon fibre bicycle rims and components and is working with athletes to broaden its involvement in triathlon. In addition to the company’s recent partnership with  USPro Tri, the American professional triathlete team, ENVE’s team roster will include an addition of over a dozen professional triathletes.

ENVE has spent the last few years trying to understand and cater to the needs of triathletes.  “The momentum we are seeing as a brand in triathlon is very exciting. Vetting the sponsorship requests this year has been both humbling and challenging due to the vast number of talented athletes wishing to ride ENVE” explained  Marketing Manager Jake Pantone.

The following athletes and teams have been added to ENVE’s triathlon roster for 2014:

  • Luke Bell
  • Trevor and Heather Wurtele
  • Tim Don
  • James Cunnama
  • Jodie Swallow
  • Scott Neyedli
  • Per Bittner
  • Kyle Buckingham
  • Nick Baldwin
  • Hailey Manning
  • Maverick Multisport Elite Team
  • USA Pro Triathlon Team
  • Team Every Man Jack

The following athletes/teams will be returning to ENVE in 2014:

  • Meredith Kessler
  • Yvonne Van Vlerken
  • Emma Kate Lidbury
  • Sonja Tajsich
  • Lesley Paterson
  • Josiah Middaugh
  • Felipe Bastos
  • Power Horse Triathlon Team – Timo Bracht, Horst Reichel, Jan Raphael, and Georg Potrebitsch
  • Mark Allen Online

Stay up-to-date on Heather and Trevor: www.teamwurtele.com

Follow them on twitter: @teamwurtele

For more information visit www.enve.com