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Global Triathlon Network comes to Youtube

Building on the success of Global Cycling Network and Global Mountain Bike Network, Play Sports Network has launched a new triathlon-specific Youtube channel.

A new video channel dedicated to triathletes was launched on Youtube and across other social media platforms on Monday.

Play Sports Network has launched Global Triathlon Network, “a brand new video channel for triathletes of any ability – from seasoned Ironman racers to first timers, and everyone in between – with content that entertains and informs in equal measure.”

GTN is the latest channel from the specialist cycling and tri-sports-focused Play Sports Network (PSN) and joins the existing two market-leading YouTube channels, Global Cycling Network (GCN) and Global Mountain Bike Network (GMBN), who together speak to over 7 million fans each month. All presenters are ex-pros, from the very highest levels of triathlon, road and mountain biking who connect with the fans, and with world-class athletes.

PSN has launched GTN after recognizing a need for specific triathlon content. The company has cited that, “Challenge Family found that over 170 million people consumed triathlon content globally in 2015 with MultiSport Research estimating the triathlon market to be worth US$3.4 billion in the UK and USA in 2016. Alongside this, British Triathlon research found that triathlon participation is up 67% since 2009.”

Simon Wear, Founder and CEO said “We are so excited to launch GTN finally; it’s been a year in the making. For some time now both consumers and clients have been asking us to launch this channel. Finally, after a lot of planning and hard work we are ready to go. Consumers’ consumption and expectation of media has changed significantly over recent years, GTN will deliver the super high quality triathlon content directly to their smartphone, computer or television.”