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Findlay and Sweetland top ten at the USAT Super Sprint Las Vegas

Paula Findlay and Kirsten Sweetland made the top ten in sixth and seventh respectively at the prestigious USAT Super Sprint Grand Prix in Las Vegas on Thursday September 11. With an incredibly stacked field the two Canadians held their own demonstrating their powerful comebacks continue. The pros competed for a prize purse of $70, 000.

In 2013, USA Triathlon launched the Super Sprint Series to introduce a new format of triathlon to provide a fast, spectator-friendly event featuring the world’s best elite triathletes. The venues put fans in the center of the action, with athletes completing two continuous, non-stop circuits of the same course.

These events are open to all USA Triathlon-registered elite athletes, as well as international pros. A minimum of 50 percent of the field is reserved for U.S. athletes, aiming to give emerging and Olympic-level triathletes the chance to enhance draft-legal cycling skills and race tactics.

Super Sprint Triathlon Grand Prix
300m swim, 5k bike, 2k run (x2)

Women’s A Final
1. Chelsea Burns (Seattle, Wash.), 40:43.79
2. Erin Densham (AUS), 40:43.81
3. Erin Jones (Colorado Springs, Colo.), 40:54.42
4. Kaitlin Donner (Satellite Beach, Fla.), 40:56.06
5. Sarah Groff (Hanover, N.H.), 41:04.43
6. Paula Findlay (CAN), 41:07.01
7. Kirsten Sweetland (CAN), 41:11.85
8. Lindsey Jerdonek (Sagamore Hills, Ohio), 41:19.03
9. Barbara Riveros (CHI), 41:35.46
10. Kirsten Kasper (Marietta, Ga.), 41:42.53

Men’s A Final
1. Aaron Royle (AUS), 36:59.71
2. Ben Kanute (Tucson, Ariz.), 37:09.21
3. Tommy Zaferes (Soquel, Calif.), 37:14.41
4. Eric Lagerstrom (Gresham, Ore.), 37:59.40
5. Joe Maloy (Wildwood Crest, N.J.), 38:10.46
6. Conor Murphy (IRL), 38:27.88
7. Sean Jefferson (Palisades, Calif.), 38:31.77
8. Alex Libin (Colorado Springs, Colo.), 38:35.78
9. Alan Webb (Beaverton, Ore.), 38:58.47
10. Jarrod Shoemaker (Clermont, Fla.) – Flat tire ended race early