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Cody Beals: Ironman 70.3 World Championship Preview

Cody Beals. Credit: Julien Heon
Cody Beals. Credit: Julien Heon (www.julienheon.com)

TMC:How are you feeling going into Sunday’s race?

Cody Beals: I’m coming off a two month training block focused on preparing for this race. I’ve never poured so much into my training and I’m eager to express that with a personal best performance.

TMC: What is your goal in Austria?

CB: This is my first championship race and my first time traveling outside North America. Racing fifty of the best triathletes in the world on another continent will no doubt be a learning experience. Besides the experience, I’m after a personal best race that would crack the top ten.

TMC: How are you adjusting to the time change?

CB: The jet lag coupled with a long travel day hit me hard at first. I managed to adjust quickly with the help of melatonin, morning light exposure and my gift for napping.

TMC: This is your A race of the year but what’s in store for you next?

CB: My plans for the rest of the season will hinge on how I perform at the World Championship and how I recover. I may race again as soon as Ironman 70.3 Cozumel in September or I may take a break, then target some late season 70.3 races.