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Brett Sutton resigns as head coach of teamTBB

Brett Sutton of teamTBB - www.teamtbb.com
Brett Sutton of teamTBB – www.teamtbb.com


The controversial but successful Brett Sutton, will resign as the head coach of teamTBB as of  January 1st, 2014.

Sutton and Alex Bok founded teamTBB in December 2006 and since that time, produced a number of long distance triathlon champions and world champions including Chrissie Wellington, Caroline Steffen, Mary Beth Ellis, Belinda Granger, Bella Bayliss, Jodie Swallow, and James Cunnama to name a few.

“I have made my intentions clear over these past few months that I strongly believe the sport requires a drastic change, but it seems that athletes and teamTBB staff don’t believe in my plan to actually implement this change. It seems that my constant harping of WTC is causing discrimination towards the athletes and causing disharmony within the group,” said Sutton. “I will say that being in the team stops me also from publically going after sponsors that have made working with the team most difficult for not only athletes but staff also, and their belief that their standing in the market give them the right, to do dishonourable things. So I’m resigning and moving out of ironman coaching, to give myself the opportunity to talk the truth without harming any part of teamTBB coaching or team’s staff.”

“Brett wants to implement his vision and change for the sport without harming the team, its coaches and staff and I can only honour him for this decision. TeamTBB will continue its journey with Brett’s blessings as to provide many of the current teamTBB coaches an opportunity to prove they can become the next generation of champion coaches,” said Bok. “We will lose our team’s head coach but his inspiration and friendship will keep this team on track to provide more role models, more elite development athletes and we will continue to produce more triathlon champions!”

TeamTBB management is expected to announce its 2014 strategy, 2014 pro athlete roster and coaching structure in approximately two weeks.

Also leaving teamTBB is Caroline Steffen. She did not confirm whether Sutton would be her coach. In NZZ.ch she made this statement (which was translated from German to English):

“I will not for the team TBB start, which I belonged since 2010, but under my name. As an individual athlete I have the opportunity to win more of their own sponsors. Currently being negotiated.”

Here is an interview conducted by Robbie Haywood (posted on November 12, 2013)