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Alistair Brownlee Pulls Out of World Series Race in Cape Town


Photo: Delly Carr/ ITU
Photo: Delly Carr/ ITU

Olympic triathlon champion Alistair Brownlee has pulled out of the World Series race in Cape Town, South Africa on Sunday. Brownlee, will be leaving the stage to Javier Gomez and his younger brother Jonathan.  “I’m disappointed and frustrated to be missing Cape Town this weekend. I was hoping to start my 2014 ITU season there. I’m not quite ready and I don’t want to race unless I can do my best,” explained Brownlee.

An Achilles injury has plagued the champion over the past few seasons and during his build up to the London Olympics he was in an air-cast to take pressure of the tendon. Having missed the opening event in the eight-race series in Auckland at the beginning of April, Brownlee’s absence in Cape Town will effect his chances of re-claiming the world title he won in 2009 and 2011.

Brownlee’s withdrawal also shows his intention to prioritize the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow this summer where he is also hoping to qualify for the 10 km on the track. With a current PB of 28:32, Brownlee needs to run 28:10 to make England’s B Standard. (The Canadian men’s A  Standard is  27:40 and the  B standard is 28:05).