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8-time Ironman champ demands “whole truth” from Collin Chartier

"How did you do it, who helped, who else is involved, and give the full story of why"

Photo by: Professional Triathletes Organisaion

Ben Hoffman, one of the sport’s most respected professional athletes, isn’t ready to “accept” Collin Chartier’s apology posted on Instagram earlier today. Chartier wrote a post headed “I’m sorry” after he tested positive for EPO and was given a three-year ban from the sport.

Ironman Mont-Tremblant and PTO US Open champion suspended three years for positive EPO test

Hoffman, the three-time winner of the Ironman African Championship and last year’s winner of Ironman Texas, acknowledges that he wrote the post “from a place of anger, frustration, disappointment, and confusion.”

“The news that Collin Chartier willingly and knowingly took EPO to improve his performance is an absolute disgrace, and a reminder that certain people are willing to violate the sanctity of sport for any of numerous reasons, ranging from financial, to ego, to external pressure or mental health,” Hoffman wrote. “When I read Collin’s “apology,” I am not one of the people who are quick to accept and forgive. You are sorry? Sorry now that you got caught? If you are really sorry, and you want my forgiveness, earn it and prove it: give back stolen prize money and sponsorship dollars, contact fellow athletes with personal apologies, work to make a meaningful difference in anti-doping efforts, and for damn sure tell the whole truth. How did you do it, who helped, who else is involved, and give the full story of why.”

“But I don’t buy this rationale of “feeling pressure,” or “being unhappy” as an explanation,” Hoffman continued. “We all feel pressure, we all have times when we are struggling and feeling depressed. Surely it is more intense for many, and my heart goes out to them, but using this explanation actually devalues and minimizes the struggles of these people. Cheating, acting criminally, and then walking away with a simple sorry doesn’t cut it for me.”

Hoffman’s post has been applauded by many other high-ranking professionals in the sport.

“Couldn’t agree more Ben,” wrote three-time Kona champ Mirinda Carfrae. “Well said.”

“Couldn’t agree more,” wrote two-time Ironman world champion Patrick Lange.

“Exactly,” wrote Tokyo Olympic champion Flora Duffy. “Well said, Ben.”

“Truth bomb @bhoffmanracing,” wrote Jesse Thomas. “💥 Agree 100%. Sorry doesn’t cut it. It’s hard for everyone. Give back what you stole and help expose the system.”