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10 Smoothie Recipes for the Chocoholic

chocolate-peanut-butter-banana-breakfast-shake3-srgb-200x300Staying away from chocolatey desserts can be a struggle for the chocoholic-triathlete. These amazing chocolate smoothie recipes offer a healthy way to indulge in one’s daily chocolate fix. Happy blending!

1) Chocolate chia smoothie

This smoothie hides a cup of spinach in its chocolatey goodness. Chia seeds add fibre and the prep time amounts to only three minutes!

2) Chocolate peanut butter breakfast shake

A healthy version of a milkshake for breakfast? Sounds like a plan to us.

3) The jumpin’ monkey smoothieSept_Jumpin_Monkey_Smoothie_Hero

With banana, espresso, greek yogurt and cocoa, we believe this recipe author’s claim that this smoothie will have you jumping out of bed in the morning.

4) Cherry chocolate almond green smoothie

Smoothies that disguise their greens tend to taste better. Cherries and chocolate are an antioxidant match made in heaven.

Black-Forest-Smoothie45) Black forest smoothie

With oats, frozen cherries, protein powder, chia seeds and cocoa, this smoothie truly has everything you need to start your day off on the right foot.

6) Chocolate raspberry smoothie

This recipe was inspired by Valentine’s Day, but we think it’s appropriate any day of the year.

7) Chocolate avocado smoothiegimp1

This smoothie tastes like the chocolate pudding your mom used to pack in your lunch as a kid. But, this time it’s healthy.

8) Mint chocolate smoothie

Mint chocolate is a flavour combination that is hard to resist. But with banana, spinach, protein powder and almond milk, this smoothie is good for you.

IMG_4678-e13835294653959) Chocolate blueberry smoothie

We love that this recipe author incorporated cacao nibs–they’re one of our healthy nutritional swaps!

10) Chocolate orange smoothie

Have you ever had one of those Terry’s Chocolate Oranges, you know the ones that you smash and they break into orange segments? That is what this morning smoothie tastes like.