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This piece of gear may be the best way to freak out other runners this winter

Options for animal-themed balaclavas include cats, mice, tigers and pandas.

Balaclava Animal
Winter is coming. And so are the latest winter trends.

Teya Salat, a 22-year-old Russian tattoo model, is behind these animal-themed balaclavas that have gone viral since being published on Bored Panda yesterday. The post has since garnered over 100,000 views, which subsequently crashed the Russian’s website.

The balaclava is one way for runners to battle the elements associated with bitter cold temperatures during the winter months as it exposes just a portion of a runner’s face.

The name balaclava comes from the Battle of Balaclava during the Crimean War where the British were sent headgear to fight the cold temperatures.

Photos: Teya Salat and Design You Trust


By Tim Huebsch