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High Performing Wetsuits for 2015

From the 2015 Buyer’s Guide: Wetsuits

102021 (2)2XU A:1 $320

This entry-level suit offers a surprising amount of f lotation and f lexibility at a reasonable price. Made with scs coated, 100 per cent Yamamoto neoprene, the A:1 has a 39 cell buoyancy panel in the front and uses 2xu’s Rollbar technology to provide added flotation and improve your body position in the water. Other features include a f loating zip panel and Velocity Strakes on the chest to improve hydrodynamics.

102054 (564x1280)TYR Hurricane Cat 5 $800

The 2015 Hurricane line has been revamped with some new graphics and features, and the Cat 5 continues the trend of a greatvalue with top end features, including 39 Cell Yamamoto Nano scs-coated neoprene, catch panels and a full anti-microbial lining. The Cat 5 also boasts speed wrap panelling, form fitting wrist cuffs and quick release ankle cuffs as well as 360 elevation panels for maximum buoyancy and speed.

Blueseventy Reaction wetsuitBlueseventy Reaction $475

The Reaction comes in just below the company’s top-of-the-line Helix. Strategically placed 1.5 mm panels in the arms and shoulders as well as ample underarm gusses, allow for exceptional flexibility, while thicker, 4 mm and 5 mm panels ensure warmth and optimal buoyancy in the torso and legs. A lower collar at the back makes for less chafing and optimal comfort. An inside pocket near the zipper lets you stash a key on a training swim.

Zoot Z Force 5.0 $475Zoot Z Force 5.0 wetsuit

Zoot’s high-performance Z Force 5.0 wetsuit delivers some of the best technology the company has developed in wetsuit innovation. For less drag and increased speed, the suit is coated with scs Nano, the most hydrodynamic coating available. Zoot’s proprietary kick design and Aqualift, 5 mm neoprene in the rear of the suit, for maximal buoyancy, makes it easier to achieve the optimal body position. Triathletes will love the 2 mm Speed Release Ankle Panel that makes getting through T1 a breeze. Say goodbye to painful chafing at the neck with Zoot’s Zero Water comfort neck closure. Form and function meet for outstanding performance in this wetsuit.