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Shoe In Asics Gel-Kayano 17

When a shoe is in its 17th iteration there's one simple conclusion to be made: it's been a huge success over the years.

Asics’ Flagship Training Flat

When a shoe is in its 17th iteration there’s one simple conclusion to be made: it’s been a huge success over the years. The flagship trainer from Asics receives yet another revamp this year and manages to come in even lighter than years past without sacrificing any support or control.

Asics shoes tend to be popular with narrow-footed athletes and those same athletes will feel right at home with the Kayano. A redesigned upper and ComforDry sockliner provide a snug and comfortable fit. There’s an assymetrical lacing design that makes it easy to customize the fit even more, too.

Asics combines gel and Solyte materials in the midsole (both forefoot and rearfoot) to ensure that you get lots of cushioning. Despite the smooth ride, you’ll still feel like it’s easy to run fast in these shoes, too, because it remains extremely flexible enough to move from your heels to your toes quickly.

Because women’s and men’s feet are different and women, because they’re often lighter, don’t need the same amount of support, the women’s model uses a lower density midsole in the forefoot and also has an additional 3 mm of rise in the heel to relieve Achilles tendon issues.

All the engineering aside, the bottom line is the Kayano 17 is lighter, fits better and offers lots of support and cushioning. It does all that without feeling like a bulky shoe that you can’t run fast in. If you’ve been a regular Asics user in the past, you’ll love the new Kayano 17. If you haven’t tried Asics shoes before and have a narrow foot that lends itself to the Kayano, you’re likely to love this shoe, too.