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Review: NormaTec’s recovery boots

Massage therapy on the go - NormaTec's dynamic compression system allows you to increase both the quality and frequency of your training sessions.

The NormaTec recovery system has become commonplace in the world of professional sports. Athletes and organizations in a wide range of sports are endorsing the product, including world champion triathletes Patrick Lange and Mirinda Carfrae.

Photo: NormaTec

What is the NormaTec recovery system?

The NormaTec boots are a dynamic compression device designed for recovery on the go. The system uses compressed air to massage your limbs, mobilize fluid and speed up recovery. Their patented massage pattern mimics the natural muscle pump of the arms and legs, mobilizing fluid in and out of the limbs, rather than static compression (squeezing), which only transports the fluid out.

The system has three separate attachments for the legs, hips, or arms. The legs are the most popular amongst runners and triathletes.

A session will start with the pre-inflate cycle, where the attachments will be moulded around your exact body shape. It will then begin compressing your feet, hands, or upper quad (depending on which attachment you’re using) in a pulsing manner before releasing, slowly working its way up the limb.

PULSE 2.0 upgrades

SinceĀ our last story on NormaTec, the company has introduced the new PULSE 2.0 series with several upgrades from the original.

The 2.0 system is 27 per cent smaller, and can now be operated by Bluetooth through your smartphone with a downloadable app. It now works through segments, rather than all in one motion, allowing the massage to be more thorough and more closely mimic one from a practitioner. There’s also a lot more choice for the user with 10 different pressure options, meaning it can be used as a warm-up tool as well.

Photo: NormaTec

Why NormaTec could push you to the next level

Quite simply, if you’re willing to make the investment, NormaTec has the potential to have a profound effect on your training and ultimately your performance in races.

The quality of your next workout depends on how well you’ve recovered from the last one. After a tough session, putting the boots on for 30 minutes to an hour will reduce soreness and remove the metabolic waste from your limbs, leaving you ready to go the next day. Upping both the frequency and quality of your training will be the determining factor in setting that new personal best, qualifying for that race, or simply getting fitter while staying injury-free.

Photo: NormaTec

You can now get NormaTec’s recovery system US$100 off with their 2019 holiday sale. For more informationĀ click here.