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Best Butternut Squash Recipes

Butternut squash is a fall classic. And, as you’ll see from the list of recipes below, it’s one of the most versatile veggies out there, able to make it’s way into anything from pizza crust to soup and everything in between.

butternut stew1) Hearty chicken stew with butternut squash

There are few things more satisfying than a warm bowl of stew on a chilly fall evening. This recipe includes moist chicken thighs, however, chickpeas could be subbed in for a vegetarian option

2) Mediterranean quinoa-stuffed butternut squash

Stuffing a vegetable is one of those things that isn’t terribly hard to do, yet makes you look like a gourmet-level cook every single time.

3) Butternut squash quinoa salad with kale, cranberries and goat cheeseButternut-Squash-Quinoa-Salad-3

This quinoa salad has a little bit of everything — crunchy kale, sweet cranberries and creamy goat cheese. Pack it for lunch at work.

3) Butternut apple soup

Butternut and apple are an autumnal match made in heaven. This soup is a lightened up version of the classic, using skim milk instead of cream.

Kale-Salad-with-Butternut-Squash-Chickpeas-and-Tahini-Dressing-foodiecrush.com-0044) Kale salad with butternut and chickpeas

This kale-base salad manages to get you a dose of greens, with butternut for vitamin C and complex carbohydrates, and as an added bonus,  candied walnuts on top for a delectably crunchy twist. Yum.

5) Maple-roasted butternut squash and beets

These maple-roasted butternut and beet maple_roasted_butternut_squash_and_beets_traybites even look like they’ve got that “fall colour-scheme” thing going.

6) Butternut squash pizza crust

Whether you’re paleo or not, some of the innovative swaps they come up to reduce carb intake can be an adventure to try out.

7) Harvest vegetable soup

harvest-vegetable-soup-004-682x1024Nothing says fall quite like a steaming bowl of soup filled with seasonal veggies. This broth-based soup is the opposite of boring, with tons of herbs, veggies and even some tobasco sauce for heat!

8) Skinny butternut squash muffins

We love our pumpkin muffins, so why not butternut squash muffins? They’re both orange gourds, right? With each muffin coming in at under 100 calories, these are a healthy way to start your day.

9) Warm butternut squash and chickpea salad3233302754_9a7b67a62b

This recipe also includes instructions for homemade tahini dressing, though store-bought is sufficient too (no judgement here, we’re all busy people).

10) Skinny butternut squash quiche

This recipe is perfect for when you’re wondering what you’re possibly going to do with that little bit of extra kale. Using egg whites instead of whole eggs keeps this meal low-cal, but protein-packed. This recipe makes eight slices, so you’ll have leftovers for easy breakfasts throughout the week.