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Awesome acorn squash recipes

Acorn squash are starting to fill the grocery shelves and we couldn’t be more excited about it. This vegetable is an awesome source of vitamin C, vitamin A and fibre. Here are some of the acorn squash recipes that we can’t wait to make.

acorn squash1) Breakfast stuffed acorn squash

Squash is almost always relegated to lunch and dinner, rarely getting a chance to shine as a breakfast ingredient. This recipe proves that acorn squash can make for a nutritious and filling breakfast offering.

2) Roasted acorn squash, sweet potato and kale soup

A soup that combines acorn squash, sweet potato and kale. Those are a few of the staples in any runner’s kitchen. Indian spices provide exciting heat to this yummy soup.

3) Oven-roasted brussels sprouts and acorn squashRoasted-Brussels-Sprouts-and-Acorn-Squash-8

Brussel sprouts aren’t a favourite of everyone’s, but if any ingredient can elevate sprouts, squash is it. With cinnamon, nutmeg and chili providing flavour and pecans for crunch, this dish is a great side or vegetarian main.

4) Acorn squash veggie burgers

This is not-your-usual veggie burger recipe, with multiple unexpected ingredients, like pistachios and rolled oats. You can make these burgers ahead and freeze them for easy weeknight meals on busy days.

Roasted-Garlic-Parmesan-Acorn-Squash2-640x4275) Roasted parmesan garlic acorn squash

If you’re a French fry fan who’s trying to stick to healthier fare, this is the recipe for you. These roasted acorn squash morsels are tender with a bit of crunch from the crispy Parmesan.

6) Chipotle chicken stuffed acorn squash

This recipe is inspired by Chipotle’s stuffed sweet potato skins. This version is gourmet-level delicious and healthier. An all-around win.

7) Roasted acorn squash and sweet potato soupacorn_squash_and_sweet_potato_soup-1-15

Yes, we’ve included another sweet potato and acorn squash pairing, but when you have an ingredient match made in heaven, it’s hard to resist! This soup has an extra kick from a pinch of ginger.

8) Acorn squash wraps

Want to make a dinner which requires a wrap, but eating with someone who requires gluten-free ingredients? This recipe is for you.

2-IMG_56789) Baked acorn squash with Greek yogurt, honey and pecans

This might not be the prettiest recipe, but I have to say it is the one that I am most excited to try. Acorn squash actually becomes your breakfast bowl in this case, which is so cool.

10) Roasted acorn squash seeds

Everyone thinks to roast their pumpkin seeds, but acorn squash have seeds which are great for roasting as well! They’re easy to make and ensure none of your squash goes to waste.