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Sunglasses review – High Tech Eyewear for Training and racing

Fashion statement or training tool?

Fashion statement or training tool? These days you don’t have to pick when it comes to finding some high performance eyewear for your bike and run training. Not only are these three pairs of sunglasses stylish, they offer an incredible amount of technology to ensure that your eyes stay protected from the sun and the elements.


Via Photochronic $90

These super-light glasses use TR 90 Switzerland thermoplastic material on the arms to ensure you get a snug, comfortable fit. The Hydrophilic nose pads actually grips better when it’s wet, ensuring that they’ll stay on when you need them. The shatterprrof polycarbonate, photochromic grey lenses allow you to use the Via in a variety of light conditions – from low to very bright – and change in a matter of seconds.


Zegho Noire $469
Known for it’s incredibly comfortable, durable and, well, expensive clothing, Assos has now moved into the world of sunglasses. The joint “engineering venture” between Assos and Carl Zeiss has resulted in this high-performance eye protection that is both lightweight and comfortable. Rather than uses photochromic technology, the Zegho uses Tunnel View technology that is dark tinted through the upper two-thirds of the lens and clear across the bottom third. That means a slight tilt of your head will provide crystal clear vision in varying light conditions. Just opening the elabourate box gives you a hint of how stylish these glasses are, but they provide even more performance, too.


RadarLock $270, $365 Polarized

Triathletes have come to love Oakley’s Switchlock technology and now we can all enjoy it in one of our favourite glasses for training and racing thanks to the RadarLock. The Radar remains one of the most popular Oakley products for triathlon racing because of the one-piece lens that offers lots of vision on the bike, even when you’re down in the aero position, but remains extremely light and comfortable while running. A quick pull on a lever at the hinge allows you to quickly substitute one High Definition Optics lens for another in a matter of seconds. We loved the Clear Black Iridium Photochromic lens that changed tint in a few seconds, but since the lenses are so easy to change, you might want to pick a combination of a dark lens for brighter conditions and use your second lens pick for a clear or yellow lens for darker, cloudy days.


Louis Garneau
Mantis $60

The stylish square lenses make the Mantis equally at home wearing around town as it is for biking, running or in a triathlon. With three interchangeable lenses (dark smoke mirror, light red/pink, clear), you’ll be all set for any conditions. The adjustable rubber stems and bridge ensure you’ll get just the right fit and, at 28.2 g, you’ll hardly notice you’ve got these glasses on.