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New Triathlon Gear – Shoes, weights, tunes and beer

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Mele Tri $240

If you thought Giro’s road shoes were amongst the most comfortable on the market, which we did, then you’ll love the new Mele Tri shoe. These are possibly the most comfortable cycling shoes we’ve ever worn. That’s thanks to the soft and comfortable microfiber and air-mesh upper that is perfect for barefoot riding (critical for fast transitions). The anti-microbial footbed has an adjustable arch support, too, which enhances the comfort. The Easton EC70 composite outsole is super-stiff to ensure maximal power distribution from your legs to the pedals.
Giro’s designers have left nothing out in these shoes that are guaranteed to get you out of T1 in a hurry. There’s a wide opening to get your foot into, a looped heel pull with a smaller secondary loop for anchoring the shoe to your crank and two Velcro straps that are easy to do up and provide just the right amount of support. The larger main strap is reversed, too, so you don’t have to worry about it getting in your chain or spokes as you get off your bike and sprint into T2. At just 269 grams the stylish silver Mele shoes are very light, completing a package that makes this an impressive triathlon option.


Underwater Audio
Underwater Audio: iPod $165, headphones $30

If you’re not working out with a group, or looking for some entertainment during your long swims, being able to play music sure would be nice. Thanks to the folks at Underwater Audio you can now enjoy your favourite tunes during your swim sessions. Unlike other waterproof music options, though, this music comes from an iPod shuffle specially waterproofed by Underwater Audio that you can attach to your goggles. Paired with the Swimbuds Waterproof headphones that provided an impressive seal (three different sized earbuds are included to help you customize the fit), the music sounds great even when you’re head is under water.


Spincore Basic $249

Designed by Canadian doctor John Brennan, Spincore is a “continuous orbital revolution exercise” designed for everything from strength training to rehab. Brennan developed the product during his own rehabilitation after shoulder surgery. The Spincore Basic comes with six weights and the three-piece bar, along with a handout that outlines many of the exercises you can do with it. While you can probably mimic many of the same movements with a regular barbell or bar, the easy-swinging Spincore provides lots of adjustability and options in a relatively compact package.


Erdinger Alkoholfrei $2

Ever finished a workout and desperately wanted a nice, cold refreshing beer, but resisted the urge because, well, you figured an athlete really didn’t do that sort of thing? Erdinger has just the solution. Now you can rehydrate with an isotonic, vitamin-rich, no-additivealchohol-free beer that will help you recover from those hard summer efforts. While we don’t think it tastes as good as the alcohol version (hey, what can we say, we love our regular German beer), the ErdingerAlkoholfrei is certainly a rich-tasting beer that hits the spot after a long, hot, ride or run.-KM