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Top quality spinning.


TruTrainer Rollers
There is no better way to improve your balance and bike handling skills than riding on rollers. A winter spent riding them is almost guaranteed to help you hold a straight line when you’re reaching for a bottle or grabbing something from your back pocket or when you’re in the middle of a huge pack. You’re also forced to ride at a high cadence, which will help you develop an efficient pedal stroke.

There are many options on the market, but the TruTrainer model is amongst the very best I’ve ever used. The heavy-duty rollers scream quality and offer an impressively smooth ride. That comes, in part, because of the precision drawn, hard anodized aluminum rollers, but mostly because of the high-speed tubular f ly wheel inside the rear roller. That fly wheel helps provide an amazingly road-like feel while riding the TruTrainer rollers.

The TruTrainer rollers are extremely adjustable – the optimized rear roller positioning allows you to stand up and sprint with ease, a great way to enhance your indoor training. You can do virtually any workout on these rollers – everything from hill climbs to sprints, or steady-state rides. The end result is a set of rollers that truly allows you to train indoors while enjoying an amazingly realistic outdoor feel. I especially loved the optional folding ability (an extra $100) and the cnc-machined Platform (additional $150).