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Garmin ups the “realistic indoor ride” experience with new Tacx NEO 3M

Those looking to take their indoor riding experience to the next level will want to check out the new Tacx NEO 3M, a direct-drive smart trainer with built-in multidirectional movement. According to Garmin, in addition to all the movement features, the new Tacx NEO 3M is the company’s “most accurate and powerful direct-drive smart trainer with a state-of-the-art NEO magnetic motor.”

Here are a few of the features Garmin says we can look forward to in their new flagship trainer:

  • Integrated Motion Plates: Built-in motion plates give you a realistic riding feel and can be toggled on and off as desired.
  • Improved Power Accuracy: Track your performance and progress with reliable, consistent measurements to within 1% across a broader range of power outputs.
  • Ready to Ride: With a new preinstalled 11-sped cassette, seamless in-app onboarding process via the Tacx Training app and no calibration required.
  • New Network Adapter: New Tacx smart network adapter uses a connection with Ethernet or Wi-Fi technology to create a more stable connection when multiple trainers are in one location, such as virtual races.
  • Seamless App Integration: Connect with your favorite riding platforms, such as the Tacx Training App, to ride famous courses from around the world, join group rides and follow structured workouts. 

The NEO comes installed with an 11-speed cassette and will be easy to connect to any training platform, including the Tacx training app and other popular riding platforms such as Zwift and Rouvy. There’s no calibration required and a new adapter (sold separately) provides a stronger connection for virtual races through Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

The NEO 3M will retail for US$2,000, CDN$2,700.

We’ll look forward to putting the NEO 3M through its paces and doing a more thorough review.