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Everything you need to know about buying a Canyon bike in Canada

The streamlined process to get your new rig right to your door

Photo by: Canyon

After years of anticipation, Canyon has finally announced that it will soon arrive in Canada. The German bike maker sells a wide variety of rides and Canadians will soon be able to get their hands on Canyon’s triathlon, road, mountain, gravity, hybrid and gravel bikes.

Founded in 2002, Canyon does things quite differently from other major bike brands. With its direct-to-consumer model, you simply order a bike from the website. The machine will be delivered directly to your door. The different approach can seem a bit intimidating with a big purchase, but Canyon has perfected the end-to-end experience with years of experience within the global market. From deciding on a bike to building and getting out on your first ride, here’s how the whole Canyon purchasing process will work for Canadians.

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Find the right bike in the right size

When local events start up again in Canada, Canyon plans to be present with a fleet of demonstration bikes. The company has also started arranging some physical locations throughout the country where riders will be able to test bikes in the near future. For now, the physically distanced option is to pick your bike from the comfort of your home.

Canyon’s offerings in Canada will be growing as it establishes a presence in the country. Canyon says that cyclists should start by signing up for the Canyon newsletter at Canyon.com/en-ca to get updated about when the bikes will be available in Canada. Make sure you’re on the Canadian website, not the U.S. one, as the inventory will be different between the two.

Switching through three browser tabs to figure out which bike is best can get annoying. Canyon will let you do a side-by-side comparison for as many as three models – a useful feature when you’re trying to determine the subtle differences between two models of the same bike.

While browsing through Canyon’s bikes, you’ll see a small box that says “Find your size.” Canyon doesn’t size bikes like some other brands, so it’s important to follow the instructions closely.

You’ll only need two measurements: your height and your inseam. Canyon’s Perfect Positioning System (PPS) was developed using bike fit data from thousands of riders and matches body geometry to frame size. Input your two data points and the PPS will find your ideal frame size based on your body’s measurements. Geometries differ between bikes, so be sure to select the right model in order to find the right frame size. If you find you might be between sizes, keep in mind that the smaller bike will be more agile, while the larger one will be a little more relaxed.

Order your bike

Canyon accepts credit cards, bank transfers and also offers a zero per cent interest financing option hosted by Splitit. Once you choose your bike, it’s worth taking the time to look through Canyon’s gear offerings and picking up some spare parts for your bike to save on shipping costs.

Canyon’s Bike Guard. Photo: Canyon

Your bike will ship directly to Canada from Germany. While the price listed on the website is what you pay to Canyon, you will also get a bill from UPS upon delivery of the bike.

The bike will be shipped via express air freight. Because of Canyon’s direct-to-consumer business model, the lead time for shipping is only three to seven business days between Koblenz, Germany and Canada, so you won’t have to spend too long sitting on your porch waiting with excitement for the delivery van.

The unboxing

Your new Canyon will arrive at your home in the Bike Guard, Canyon’s specially designed bike box. Before the bike is packed, it gets fully assembled and adjusted at the company’s factory. A few components are then disassembled to neatly pack the bike into the Bike Guard, then the bike is shipped off to you.

Step-by-step instructions and tools for attaching the wheels, seatpost, pedals and handlebars are included in the box, such as a torque wrench and shock pump if you’re unboxing a new mountain bike.

The assembly is straightforward. There are great online videos to help you out, too. But, if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, Canyon has partnered with Velofix, a chain of mobile bike shops with mechanics that come to your home. A Velofix employee can put together your bike for you and send you off on your first ride.

New bike day

Once you’ve dialed in your optimal saddle position, you’ll be ready to ride. The bike has a two-year warranty. You can also contact Canyon’s Global Service Centre if you need support. Repairs covered under the warranty will be performed by Velofix. The mobile bike repair company’s many technicians will also handle maintenance and other support services with coverage throughout the majority of Canada. They offer a physical touchpoint for Canyon customers (or, currently, more of a distanced handoff).

Photo: Canyon

If a bike needs to be sent back for any reason (Canyon offers 30-day free returns) the company will arrange a UPS pickup. Be sure to keep the Bike Guard for the first month in case you need to return the bike. Some cyclists prefer to have someone else deal with bike builds and packing up – for a fee Velofix will box up your ride for shipping to Germany.

Canyon prides itself on its direct line from manufacturer to consumer. The Canyon Global Service Centre in Koblenz will arrange everything for you in a short period of time – from shipping parts to scheduling service appointments. You can speak directly to folks at Canyon – in English or French – or communicate via chat or email. Despite the trans-Atlantic distance, one of the company’s biggest priorities is ensuring that they can help you with your questions.

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This story first appeared on the Canadian Cycling Magazine website.