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Gear Review: Training Videos

There's no need to dread training through the winter months these days.

Indoor Entertainment

Making Indoor Training Fun (and Painful)

There’s no need to dread training through the winter months these days. Thanks to some innovative coaches and triathlon-tech junkies there are a number of videos available that will make your indoor cycling, running and even swimming (on a Vasa Trainer) workouts a lot more fun. On top of that, you’ll find that working with these videos will do much more than just keep you motivated through the winter months – you’ll probably find that the intense, focussed training they provide will help you improve your times next race season.



Coach Troy Jacobson is the indoor cycling workout guru when it comes to indoor training videos. His Spinervals DVDs have become the industry standard when it comes to entertaining, motivating and just plain hard indoor training. There are 30 DVDs in the Spinervals collection now, ranging from aerobic workouts to max-heart-rate-inducing sprint sets. The “22.0 – Time Trialapalooza” video is a sure bet to induce all the pain any triathlete can handle.

In addition to the excellent bike training videos, Jacobson also offers Runervals treadmill workouts and Swimerval Vasa Trainer sets.

CompuTrainer Real Course Videos

The CompuTrainer is a great tool for improving your cycling technique and fitness. Last year’s launch of Real Course Videos has made riding a CompuTrainer even more fun and exciting. It’s also allowed thousands of Ironman athletes the chance to check out their upcoming race course from their own home. You set the pace for the workout and you’ll get a totally realistic feel for every climb and long straightaway along the course.

Shot on race day at various Ironman and Ironman 70.3 courses around the world, the courses allow you to check out all the nuances of the course. New releases are coming out every three to four weeks – look for Ironman St. George, Lanzarote and Ironman 70.3 Switzerland to be available soon, too.



Like the Real Course Videos, the ErgVideos provide a real simulation of racing and training, but what sets the ErgVideos apart from virtually every other training video is that you can set the power level to suit your own fitness level or training target. This means you’ll get the most out of your training every single workout – whether it’s supposed to be an easy spin or a lungbusting hill set. There’s even an entertaining (but still painful!) way to test your fitness.

New ErgVideo rides include Mt. Ventoux, and a fun “Ride to the Tour” where the riders from the Southwest Bike Academy and the Cyclery set out from Hotel le Monastere in Limoux to catch a glimpse of the 2009 Tour de France when it passed within striking distance of a good tempo and hills ride. There are lots more Tour rides to check out, along with a number of rides through the beautiful Mallorca, Spain.

Tacx Real Life DVDS


Like the CompuTrainer, the Tacx Virtual Reality trainers are an excellent training tool while also making riding indoors a lot more fun. The Tacx Real Life DVDs feature legendary cycling routes that are specially designed to work on the I-Magic, Cosmos and Fortius ergo trainers. You set the pace as you ride along the courses. If you’re on the Fortius or i-Magic trainer, you’ll even feel the speed of the descents.-KM