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Alistair Brownlee announces partnership with Scott Bikes ahead of half distance debut

Alistair Brownlee will ride his new Scott Plasma at this weekend's Challenge Gran Canaria

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Olympic gold medalist Alistair Brownlee and brother Jonathan have announced their new bike sponsor through to 2020 — Scott Bikes. The older Brownlee made the announcement on social media this morning, two days out from his half distance debut at Challenge Gran Canaria.

“We’re happy to officially welcome the Brownlee Brothers to our growing group of world class athletes,” Pascal Ducrot, Vice President at Scott Sports stated. “As a high performance brand we always aim to support the biggest talents in the sport to help them to win the most prestigious races on the calendar. When they approached us a few weeks ago we were impressed by their knowledge about our bikes and motivation to ride our Foil and Plasma. I am looking very much forward to seeing them racing on our bikes and I am convinced this will be a great partnership.”

Alistair Brownlee added, “We switched to Scott for a few reasons. We haven’t changed brands a lot in our career and the only reason why we would is for a performance advantage,” said Alistair. “Everything we do is about performance. We train 35 hours week in and week out to perform to the best of our ability and so it is important that we have the best equipment to be able to perform as best as we can.

“It was important to us to have a brand which is absolutely the best in short distance racing, which we got with SCOTT in the Foil and the absolute best we can have for long distance racing in terms of the bike with aerodynamics and the integration of the nutrition aspect and we got this with the Plasma.”

Jonathan Brownlee will ride the Foil as he continues racing on the ITU draft-legal circuit:

“My aim is to win the Olympic Gold medal in Tokyo in 2020. To achieve this I need the best equipment possible which I’m convinced I found in SCOTT. The only problem is that my biggest competitor, my brother Alistair, has upgraded his race material as well.” Jonny Brownlee he says.

Jonathan Brownlee with his Scott Foil
Jonathan Brownlee with his Scott Foil