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2022 Triathlon Buyer’s Guide: Wetsuits

For Canadian triathletes a wetsuit is almost always a required piece of racing and training equipment. A few models to choose from at a variety of price levels.

Photo by: Kevin Mackinnon

Canadian triathletes find themselves in need of some neoprene warmth at most of their events given that are routine at our local triathlon races. Looking for a new suit in 2022? Here are a few choices for you!

Deboer Fjord 2.0 


The adage “you get what you pay for” certainly appears accurate when you look at the most expensive suit on our list. Deboer pulls out all the stops in its suits, and that is on full display with the Fjord 2.0. Designed for cooler swims in water down to 16 C, the Fjord 2.0 offers some added warmth in a a high-performance suit that will satisfy even the fastest triathlon swimmers. The 0.3 mm patented DuraFlex material in the shoulders and arms provides outstanding reach and movement where you want it, while the light, 44Cell HBF-Limestone WhaleSkin neoprene used in the body and legs provides excellent buoyancy and flexibility. There are 5 mm 48Cell AirFloat Stability Panels to provide added support and buoyancy to enhance your body position in the water, while the GlideSkin Surface coating helps you slide through the water. The Deboer DolphinSkin neck closure is both comfortable and does a great job of keeping water out, while the anatomically correct fit ensures that this suit will work perfectly for men or women.  

2XU Propel:1 


The Propel:1 features Yamamoto 39 Cell neoprene in different thicknesses throughout the suit to provide lots of buoyancy and flexibility where you want it. There’s thicker panels used around the hips and legs to promote a good position in the water, while rollbar technology decreases the buoyancy towards the outside of the suit so you can stretch and roll easier through your stroke. The floating zip panel adds to that ability to reach, while the inside layer of the suit is also really flexible for both comfort and performance, too. The suit uses a Super Composite Skin (SCS) hydrodynamic coating to reduce drag to help you cut through the water faster, too. 

Aquasphere Phantom V3 


Thanks to the Core Power System that provides extra support at the waist for improved posture and enhanced hip rotation, the Phantom V3 can help your technique quite a bit. Add to that the Aerodome Technology that includes 5 mm panels to maximize buoyancy, the 1.5 mm super-stretchy Yamamoto 40 rubber used in the shoulders and the Bio Stretch zones that maximize range of motion, and you have a suit that allows for a very natural swim stroke. The double layer collar is both comfortable and good for keeping water out, while the reverse-pull YKK zipper makes it easy to get out of the suit in a hurry once you get back to transition. 

Blueseventy Thermal Rection 


Using a Zirconium thermal liner that absorbs less water while maintaining excellent flexibility and warmth, the Thermal Reaction is rated for water as cold as 8.5 C. In addition to the thermal liner, the Aqua-seal Cuffs ensure water won’t get in through the sleeves to keep you warm, too. Just because it’s designed for cold water doesn’t mean you’re not getting some high-end features – the VO2 Chest Panels are split by flexible neoprene for more stretch and easier breathing, while the 2 mm side panels enhance the fit and make it easy to rotate through your stroke. The 5-5-4 design uses a mix of 5 mm neoprene in the chest and torso, while the 4 mm panels in the legs allow some flex for a better kick. The 2 mm neoprene panels around the back and shoulders provides mobility exactly where you want it. If you end up using the Thermal Reaction in a race, you’ll appreciate the 2 mm flexible legs that can be cut shorter to make it easier to get out of the suit, too.  

Dare2Tri Mach2 


For the price you get some high-end features in the Mach 2, including the light, 39 Cell neoprene that provides lots of buoyancy and flexibility. There’s 2 mm thick DuraStretch neoprene under the arms and 2.5 mm DuraStretch neoprene in the arm panels so you get lots of movement where you want it. The Mach 2’s redesign last year included more leg buoyancy to improve your position in the water, while the Smooth Skin Surface coating helps reduce resistance through the water. There are both men’s and women’s size options available, too, so you’ll be able to dial in a good fit. 

Zoot WikiWiki2.0 


Hawaiian for “speedy fast,” Zoot’s WikiWiki lives up to its name thanks to the FLEXskin 0.3 mm Yamamoto Markill neoprene in the arm and shoulder that is designed to promote a quicker, more relaxed recovery. The idea is you get the feel of a sleeveless suit with the hydrodynamic advantages of a full suit. The suit uses a combination of Yamamoto SCS Nano 40, 39 and Aerodome rubber to provide excellent buoyancy and flexibility where you need it, while the low-profile neck is extremely comfortable. The suit uses gender-specific ergonomic panels for a precise fit. In addition to the specially designed leg panels that help with your kick, the 2 mm ankle panels make it easy to get the suit off once you get to your bike. 

Huub Aegis X 


Using many of the high-end features you’ll find in the company’s more expensive suits, the Aegis X offers great value. You get the Huub X-O Skeleton technology that helps with body alignment and position, while special panel patterning makes it easier to roll your shoulders and torso through each stroke. Added leg buoyancy and strategic panels in the torso are optimized to ensure you get buoyancy where you want it for a “downhill” feel in the water, while the breakaway zipper ensures you’ll fly through transition to start the next leg of your race. 

Arena Triwetsuit sleeveless


Those looking for a sleeveless wetsuit will want to check out this basic suit from Arena that offers lots of buoyancy thanks to the strategic chest and back panels. The reverse zipper makes it easy to fly through transition, while the polyurethane coating helps cut down drag. You get lots of flexibility thanks to the sleeveless design, making this a great choice for strong swimmers who are looking for a suit to provide some warmth for a shorter swim. 

Quintana Roo HydroSix2 


From the company that debuted the triathlon wetsuit back in 1987, this new suit features Quintana Roo’s new Unisex Fitting System that dials in the best size based on your body type rather than gender. You get a mix of Yamamoto 39 and 40 neoprene that provides durability and flexibility in just the right spots. The suit has just 27 seams to reduce the number of panels and improve the stretch and comfort of the suit, too. Sensory Catch and Feel forearm panels improve feel for the water to help with your catch and pull through the stroke, while the Comfort Seal neck design ensures you won’t get any chafing.