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Triathlon Training Facility Guide

Sometimes the best way to train in the winter is in the comfort of an inside center

MultiSport Zone, Inc.

London’s new addition to triathlon training offers everything a multisport athlete needs to stay motivated, healthy and fit through all year long.

Years in existence: Six months

Key Instructors / Coaches Qualifications:

Head coach Jeff Robinson has been coaching for over 10 years and is NCCP certified, including the new OAT program. Jeff has competed in many short distance races and has also competed at Subaru Ironman Canada. Darryl Bondy has been coaching for three years and is also OAT certified. Barbi Brochu is a coach specializing in long distance athletes and swim instruction. She has her NCCP certification and recently set a new swim course record at Ultraman Canada on her way to a second place finish. World triathlon and duathlon medalist Bill Wheeler specializes in short distance races with particular attention on fast bike and run times!

MultiSport Zone offers group and individual coaching packages for all levels with three different pricing models.

Swim facility: Endless Pool with video capture above and below water. Real-time play back using a PVR system and TV monitor. DVD burning for each session included in the rental fee. Coaching on deck is available as well.

Bike trainers: MultiSport Zone utilizes the CompuTrainer Multirider (8 rider) system  with a large LCD monitor display on a raised stage with buried cables for a clean, obstacle free environment. There are also more traditional spin classes offered in the 5000 square ft facility where athletes can bring their own trainer and bike. Bike storage is also available for the winter months. Winter programs will include a time-trail, king of the hill series and monthly race weekends.

Treadmills: One treadmill primarily used for threshold testing. Group runs are outside in the fresh air!

Other services:  On site athletic therapist and registered massage therapist  A full retail store with everything for the swim, bike and run junky, and a bike repair shop.

Other notes: Open to coaches and their athletes at the same rates as individuals who come in on their own. We have full change facilities with showers and lockers.

Phone: 519-685-6600
Address: 820 Wharncliffe Rd S London, On, N6J 2N4
Email: contact@multisport-zone..com
Website: www.multisport-zone.com

Absolute Endurance Training and Therapy

Toronto athletes can enjoy excellent training in the heart of the city thanks to Absolute Endurance, which offers lots of training opportunities and coaching from an impressive list of coaches.

Years in existence: Two

Key Instructors / Coaches Qualifications:

Coaches and therapists at Absolute Endurance include a mix of elite athletes, avid age group competitors and experts in a variety of sports-related fields. Pro triathlete Tara Norton heads up the Multisport coaching.

Alan Chud Director; Dr. Cindy Lewis D.C. B. Kin (hons) A.R.T. Provider; Tara Norton Head Multisport Coach; Dr. Sarah Cohen D.C.B. Science H.K. C.S.C.S. Conditioning Specialist; Sarah Burke MSc PT CaFCI Registered Physiotherapist, Certified in Acupuncture, Multisport Coach; Kris Sheppard H.B.A. (Kin) Personal Trainer Sports Conditioning, Level 2 Rowing Coach; Tara Postnikoff  Holistic Nutrition Specialist Hon. B.A. R.N.C.P. C.N.P.; Nicolette Sahner Registered Massage Therapist; Megan Brown Professional Runner, NCCP Level 1 and 2 Running Coach; Nathan Bower Personal Trainer, C.P.T. Boxing Instructor; Nadia Stokvis Registered Dietician; Murray Drudge Head Swim Coach

Swim facility: Endless Pool. Swim stroke analysis (video) and personal coaching available.

Bike trainers: 16 CompuTrainers set up in a multi-rider system. Pedal stroke analysis available.

Treadmills: Four standard and two incline/ decline treadmills are available. Run gait analysis is offered.

Other services: In addition to the swim, bike and run analysis, the club offers an extensive list of training and rehabilitation options, including:

Personal Training; physiotherapy; chiropractic; massage therapy; orthotics; boxing; circuit training; nutrition; dietician; acupuncture; coaching: triathlon/ run/ cycle; altitude training through Hypoxico Altitude Training Systems; Javelin bikes; Vo2 max testing; lactate testing.

Phone: 416-483-2388
Address: 115 Merton Street

Email:  absoluteendurance@gmail.com
Website: www.absoluteendurance.com

Founded by former pro triathlete Paolo Saldanha, there are three PowerWatts studios in the Montreal area that offer excellent training and coaching for cyclists and triathletes.

Years in existence: 16years for Premier, 3years Nun’s Island and 2 years West Island

Key Instructors / Coaches Qualifications:

See website at  www.powerwatts.com for more details, but here are some of our top coaches:  Paulo Saldanha, Chris Rozdilsky, Dave Albert, Rob Cote, Manon Jutras, Michel Courval, Mark Tosques

Swim facility: None

Bike trainers: CompuTrainer, Insideride rollers, PowerTaps, Saris power spin bikes, Tacx systems. 20 trainers available.

Treadmills: six

Other services:

  • B2Ten Olympic athlete development program – multiple Olympic medalists and world champions train at the facility in Montreal.
  • Blood Lactate and VO2max testing on Velotron ergometer and treadmill
  • Bike fitting and biomechanical evaluation
  • Private training for beginners, intermediate and elite fitness
  • Web based coaching programs
  • Functional movement screens and assessments
  • Rehab and reconditioning programs
  • Pilates and massage

Three locations: Premier Studio on the Lachine Canal in Montreal, Mansfield Athletic Club on the west Island and at the Nun’s Island Tennis Club on Nun’s Island.

Phone: 514-934-6078
Premier Studio – 4710 St. Ambroise #156, Montreal, Quebec, H4C-2C7
Nun’s Island Tennis Club – 300 Chemin du Golf, Verdun, Quebec, H3E-1A8
Mansfield Athletic Club – 2375 Transcanada Service Road, Pointe Claire, Qc, H9R-5Z5

Emails:  premierstudio@powerwatts.com  nunsisland@powerwatts.com westisland@powerwatts.com
Website: www.powerwatts.com

WattsUp Cycling
The new addition to the programs offered by The Endurance Lab offer triathletes in the Toronto training, coaching and testing opportunities.

Years in existence:  The Endurance Lab – six years, WattsUp Cycling – one year.

Key Instructors / Coaches Qualifications:
Adam Johnston, BSc (Kinesiology), NCCP Triathlon Coach; Tereza Macel, BSc (Biology), professional triathlete (winner of Ironman Lake Placid and Subaru Ironman Canada in 2009); Peter Oyler, Phys.Ed, RAAM Finisher 2007, multiple Ironman finisher.

Swim facility: none

Bike trainers: 24 Training CompuTrainers, one instructor CompuTrainer, one testing CompuTrainer

Treadmills: one testing treadmill

Other services:

  • Personal Coaching
  • Consultations
  • Performance/Lactate Testing
  • Sweat Testing
  • eLoad Sales

Phone: 416.750.3888
Address: 100 Sunrise Ave, Unit 157, Toronto, ON

Email:  info@EnduranceLab.ca
Website:  www.WattsUpCycling.ca

Above Threshold
This cycling and running centre can accommodate almost thirty athletes spinning at a time on a mix of CycleOps and Kurt Kinetic trainers, making it a great spot for indoor training throughout the year.

Years in existence: One

Key Instructors: Ilija Petrovski, Anthony (Wolf) Williams

What types of bike trainers are available?  Five Cycleops Pro 300PT, 10 Cycleops Sport 100 and 10 Kurt Kinetic trainers.

Number of treadmills available and/or run facility? 3

Other services?
In addition to the bike trainers and treadmills, there is a free-weight area for lifting weights and a Wellness Clinic that offers:

  • Chiropractic
  • Massage Therapy
  • Orthotic Inserts and Shoes
  • Shiatsu
  • Acupuncture
  • Active Release Technique

Phone: 416.850.0150
Address: 1500 Don Mills Road, North York, M3B 3L1 Ontario

Email: connect@abovethreshold.com
Website: www.abovethreshold.com , www.aboveth.com