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Zyemtsev and Kessler win the 28th Ironman Canada

Wurtele gets second, Marcotte is fifth.

The Ukraine’s Victor Zyemtsev notched his 8th career Ironman win, while the USA’s Meredith Kessler got her first today at the 28th edition of Ironman Canada.

Zyemtsev, known for his strong marathon (regularly runs sub 3 hours), stayed within striking distance all day (sixth off of the swim and bike – started the run down 8:29) then grabbed hold of the win with a race best 2:51:24 marathon. He passed Germany’s Christian Brader late to take a 13 second victory, crossing the line in 8:32:28. Germany’s Stephan Vuckovic, the 2000 Olympic silver medalist finished third (8:38:31). New Zealand’s Kieran Doe led the swim and bike, taking a 3:58 lead onto the run, but dropped out during the marathon. Calgary’s Kyle Marcotte used his bike prowess to ride into fifth and kept that position right to the finish line (8:40:45) for yet another top ten finish for this Ironman Canada veteran.

Second at Ironman Coeur d’Alene in June, Kessler finally got the win she was searching for today. Second out of the water, she made her way to the front of the bike, managing to keep away from B.C.’s Heather Wurtele. Down by only 41 seconds at the start of the run, Wurtele continued to apply pressure during the marathon but unfortunately for her, she could not keep pace with Kessler’s 3:10:14 run (Wurtele ran 3:13:04) which gave Kessler her first professional Ironman win (9:13:46). Wurtele settled for second (9:17:17), and American Mackenzie Madison ran her way into third (9:34:51) with the fastest women’s run of 3:03:53.

Top 10 Men

1. Victor Zyemtsev (UKR)  8:32:28

2. Christian Brader (GER)  8:32:41

3. Stephan Vuckovic (GER)  8:38:31

4. Petr Vabrousek (CZE)  8:39:16

5. Kyle Marcotte (CAN)  8:40:45

6. Scott Neyedly (GBR)  8:41:36

7. Wolfgang Guembel (CAN)  8:43:21

8. Christopher Bagg (USA)  8:48:11

9. Scott Curry (CAN)  8:48:57

10. Anthony Toth  (CAN) 8:49:44

Top 10 Women

1. Meredith Kessler (USA)  9:13:46

2. Heather Wurtele (CAN)  9:17:17

3. Mackenzie Madison (USA)  9:34:51

4. Gillian Moody (CAN)  9:40:10

5. Christie Sym (AUS)  9:41:30

6. Jessica Jacobs (USA)  9:44:04

7. Uli Bromme Bromme (USA)  9:46:19

8. Janelle Morrison (CAN)  9:48:15

9. Shannon Desrosiers (CAN)  9:48:57 *W25-29

10. Rachel Kiers (CAN)  9:49:44