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WTC now owns Ironman Canada

Graham Fraser relinquishes control of the race.

According to a report from the Penticton Western News, the Penticton City Council received a letter from Graham Fraser stating that he has surrendered control of Ironman Canada to the World Triathlon Corporation.

Fraser secured the license for the race in 1996, revived Ironman Canada, and built it to its overwhelming popularity. The high demand to get into Ironman Canada, we are sure many of you remember sleeping in line overnight to sign up for the following year, kickstarted the boom of Ironman races across North America starting with Ironman Lake Placid. And of course the creation of Fraser’s company Ironman North America, which later became North America Sports in 2006.

In 2009, Fraser sold the company but held onto control of Ironman Canada, until now.

The town has not yet met with WTC officials to discuss future arrangements for the event.

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