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Vancouver’s Rachel McBride wins Ironman 70.3 Austin

Andy Potts takes the men's title. Penticton's Jeff Symonds is fourth.

Vancouver’s Rachel McBride and American Andy Potts took victories at Ironman 70.3 Austin today.

The 34-year-old McBride, was fifth out of the water (27:10) but made her way to the front of the race with a dominating 2:22:07 ride. She maintained the lead with a 1:27:23 half marathon to earn the victory in relative ease (4:20:53). Yvonne Van Vlerken (NED) closed the gap by a few minutes on the run but came up short for second (4:24:03), and Courtenay’s Tenile Hoogland held tough for third (4:25:07).

Pro Women

1. Rachel McBride CAN 4:20:53

2. Yvonne van Vlerken NLD 4:24:03

3. Tenille Hoogland CAN 4:25:07

4. Elizabeth Lyles USA 4:26:04

5. Jennifer Tetrick USA 4:26:35

For the men, Potts surprised no one by leading the swim (22:34). During the bike, TJ Tollakson crushed the bike course (2:08:12) to take the lead, but once on the run Potts made a slow but steady assault on Tollakson and ran a race best 1:14:06 to claim the win in 3:51:29. Tollakson finished second (3:52:07), and Australian Chris McCormack, the two-time Ironman World Champion, took third (3:55:07). Penticton’s Jeff Symonds finished fourth (3:56:29).

Pro Men

1. Andy Potts USA 3:51:29

2. TJ Tollakson USA 3:52:07

3. Chris McCormack AUS 3:55:24

4. Jeff Symonds CAN 3:56:29

5. Brandon Marsh USA 4:01:50