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Triple Deca Ironman Italy 2013 goes in Lombardia

1 Ironman a day for 30 days.

A last minute surprise, dictated by logistical reasons and also, in part, economic. The 30 Ironman world record in 30 days moves in Lombardy, in the province of Brescia, just south of Garda Lake. It will be Lonato, and in particular the Park The Quiet, to welcome a great sporting event that is going to take off and attract more than 50 athletes from around the world.

The athletes will be accommodated around the area that will host the race and every morning will make all the Ironman within the park that will be reserved for the important competition. Swim in the two pools of the structure, will race bike around the park in a road reserved to them and finally conclude the day of competition running on foot in a route designed specially.

On September 4 athletes arrived: first, the couple formed by Stefen Zatterstrom and Gisela Lindoff, Swedish, addressing together the Triple Deca Olympic distance along every day 1.5km swim, 40km bike and 10 foot race. If they manage to finish their challenge will also rightfully theirs in the Guinness World Records as nobody before he succeeded.

Arriving a few days ago, Chet ‘The Jet’ Blanton, from USA, who in 1998 closed the Double Deca (twenty consecutive Ironman) in Mexico. Chet, 55 years old, has to his credit 45 marathons, 85 ultramarathons and marathons 5 tennis 100 hours. In short, he likes the challenges ! Many others arrived  5 and 6 september and registrations will open on this day even then continuing on 7 September in the morning.

On the same day at 12 am the press conference will seal the opening of the event, and the athletes will have just enough time to rest Saturday afternoon waiting to start then with the first Ironman on Sunday morning at 7. Italians who will attempt the world record are Vincenzo Catalano – deus ex machina event – from Desenzano, Giorgio Alessi, comes from Sicily in the province of Enna, Roberto Lendaro, from Friuli but moved to Spain and Angelo Sorrentino, 42 years old, from Campania but resident in Carpi, Emilia. Together with them, among others, the Hungarian Ferenc Szonyi that in 2010 won another double deca, also in Mexico, and another of the big favorites is Danish Kim Greisen. David Clamp retired just yesterday morning instead, unfortunately: the Briton fell Sunday during his training suffering a fractured collarbone and a rib and is not therefore in a position to participate in the global challenge.

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