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Thomas and Cave win Wildflower

Tisseyre gets third and Hoogland fourth.

In his second year as a professional triathlete, Jesse Thomas put forth a stunning 1:13:53 half marathon run performance to come from behind to win the 29th Wildflower Long Course Triathlon in 4:04:45. The USA’s Dustin McLarty led the swim (21:14), and Sweden’s Bjorn Andersson rode the top bike split (2:15:54) to take the race lead onto the run but he was soon passed by the eventual runner up Clayton Fettell of Australia (4:05:11), and South Africa’s James Cunnama (4:05:59) who also ran well to finish third.

“Holy mole I just won Wildflower,” said Thomas on twitter. “Surreal and humbling.”

Great Britain’s Leanda Cave trailed American Mary Beth Ellis out of the water (24:42) by just two seconds, but after that it was all Cave for the rest of the day. Cave rode the top split of 2:34:20, and ran 1:25:37 to stay ahead of Ellis for the win (4:27:58). Ellis would end up just seven seconds behind for second, and Canada’s Magali Tisseyre used the top run split of the day (1:23:59) to claim third (4:32:06). Ottawa’s Tenille Hoogland finished fourth (4:36:26).


1. Leanda Cave (GBR)  4:27:58

2. Mary Beth Ellis (USA)  4:28:05

3. Magali Tisseyre (CAN)  4:32:06

4. Tenille Hoogland (CAN)  4:36:26

5. Virginia Berasategui (ESP)  4:37:16

6. Samantha Warriner (NZL)  4:39:07

7. Jodie Swallow (GBR)  4:43:50

8. Desiree Ficker (USA)  4:46:03

9. Annie Warner (USA)  4:48:09

10. Julia Grant (NZL)  4:51:15


1. Jesse Thomas (USA)  4:04:45

2. Clayton Fettell (AUS)  4:05:11

3. James Cunnama (RSA)  4:05:59

4. Matt Lieto (USA)  4:09:05

5. Christopher Legh (AUS)  4:09:49

6. Jordan Rapp (USA)  4:10:54

7. Nicholas Thompson (USA)  4:11:07

8. Timothy Deboom (USA)  4:12:08

9. Bjorn Andersson (SWE)  4:14:36

10. Dan Hugo (RSA)  4:15:41