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Simon Whitfield and Graham Fraser Energize the Endurance Games

The inaugural event was held on June 15 in Barrie, Ontario.

It’s a little like the x-games but the “e” in E Games stand for endurance, everyone and excitement. Capturing the spirit of inclusion and sport development, Graham Fraser and Simon Whitfield have created a brand new multisport concept. The inaugural event was held on June 15 in Barrie, Ontario. With title sponsors Subaru and Sportsnet there is momentum to make this the next evolution of multisport.

What makes it so special? Taking place in the heart of Barrie, Ont., the shores of Lake Simcoe lap against the mile long beach and the town’s shops, restaurants and fitness clubs overlook the beautiful Kempenfelt Bay. It’s an ideal setting for sports. The venue feels like Penticton, or Mt. Tremblant, yet it’s within an hour of downtown Toronto.

At the heart of it all is an 800m loop that swings by the lake, up to Main Street and then sweeps back down to the lake. A central grassy park is a perfect spot for spectators to cheers on friends and family.

Designed to be accessible, this year’s even started with a two mile Eliminator Run, followed by a 1,500 m Youth Race. A 45-minute bike criterium ensued and Simon’s Formula 1 Amateur Triathlon came after that. The F1-a Whitfield favourite-comprises of a 400 m swim, a 5 km bike, a 2.5 km run and then another 5 km ride and a final 2.5 km run. Up next was the Kids Run With Simon, a 1 km youth race. The day ended with Simon’s Formula 1 Prospects Triathlon, a repeat of the F1 event.

Everyone can choose to do one, a few or all of the events. For next year’s race, organizers will add even more multisport events and stretch it out over more than one afternoon. This inclusive festival will bring something new to the world of endurance and to multisport events in Canada. In fact, it’s a game-changer.