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Ronnie Schildknecht goes for seven at Ironman Switzerland

Hungary's Erika Csomor is back to defend her title.

Sunday’s Ironman Switzerland has the potential to be a history making one for Switzerland’s Ronnie Schildknecht.

Schildknecht is going for an unprecedented seventh victory in a row at the event, and will be looking take down the course record of 8:12:27. Who will try and stop him? Take a look below.

Pro Men

Marko Albert EST (Estonia)
Jürgen Babitsch AUT (Austria)
Nicolai Baumann GER (Germany)
Per Bittner GER (Germany)
Anton Blokhin UKR (Ukraine)
Jarda BRYNDA CZE (Czech Republic)
Ben Cotter CAN (Canada)
VIENNOT Cyril FRA (France)
Jacson Kluts NZL (New Zealand)
Maxim Kriat RUS (Russia)
Josef Krivanek CZE (Czech Republic)
Juha Laitinen FIN (Finland)
Martin Lamontagne Lacasse CAN (Canada)
Ludovic Le Guellec FRA (France)
Yves Moubayed GER (Germany)
Daniel Müller GER (Germany)
Marek Nemcik SVK (Slovakia)
Dani Niederreiter AUT (Austria)
Andrej Palinský SVK (Slovakia)
David Pleše SLO (Slovenia)
Ivan Raña ESP (Spain)
Pascal Richter GER (Germany)
Victor Rodriguez ESP (Spain)
Mike Schifferle SUI (Switzerland)
Ronnie Schildknecht SUI (Switzerland)
Joseph Spindler GER (Germany)
Reto Stutz SUI (Switzerland)
Josef Svoboda CZE (Czech Republic)
Iván Tejero ESP (Spain)
Marcel Tuvmelme SVK (Slovakia)
Petr Vabrousek CZE (Czech Republic)
Jan Van Berkel SUI (Switzerland)
Edo Van der Meer NED (Netherlands)
Ciro Violin BRA (Brazil)
Dorian Wagner GER (Germany)
Michael Wetzel GER (Germany)
Marc Widmer SUI (Switzerland)
Remmert Wielinga NED (Netherlands)
Darrel Williams USA (United States)

With two Ironman wins this year (Los Cabos and Austria), Hungary’s Erika Csomor is back to defend her title. View the challengers to her title defence below:

Pro Women

Anja Beranek GER (Germany)
Erika Csomor HUN (Hungary)
Conny Dauben GER (Germany)
Sofie Goos BEL (Belgium)
Katharina Grohmann GER (Germany)
Sara Gross CAN (Canada)
Monique Grossrieder SUI (Switzerland)
Anna Halasz HUN (Hungary)
Zsuzsanna Harsanyi HUN (Hungary)
Rebecca Hoschke AUS (Australia)
Stephanie Jones USA (United States)
Nina Pekerman ISR (Israel)
Emma Pooley GBR (Great Britain)
Diana Riesler GER (Germany)
Regula Rohrbach SUI (Switzerland)
Céline Schärer SUI (Switzerland)
Linda Schücker GER (Germany)
Megumi SHIGAKI JPN (Japan)
Steffi Steinberg GER (Germany)
Simona Vykoukalova CZE (Czech Republic)
Charisa Wernick USA (United States)
Joyce Wolfe IRL (Ireland)

Sunday’s race will be a non-wetsuit swim.

Ironman.com will have live coverage.