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Results from Pentathlon des neiges

Long course wins for Bourgeois and Blouin.

As featured in the last issue of Triathlon Magazine Canada, Quebec’s Pentathlon des neiges took place this past weekend on the historical Plains of Abraham in downtown Quebec City.

Over 1000 participants took part in the various events, which kicked off with the Primary and High School races, and concluded on Sunday with the Long distance challenge (15 km bike, 6 km run, 9 km ski, 9 km skate, and 6 km snowshoe).

Quebec’s Joel Bourgeois took home the overall victory in the Long Distance Challenge, preventing St-Sauveur’s Chuck Perreault from defending his title. Quebec’s Evelyne Blouin won the women’s race in 2:13:49.

Long Distance Challenge

Top 5 Men

1. Joel Bourgeois 1:55:32.5

2. Samuel Blanchette 1:57:39.8

3. Pierre-Olivier Boily 1:58:22.9

4. Chuck Perreault 1:59:20.9

5. Joel Desgreniers 1:59:57.8

Top 5 Women

1. Evelyne Blouin 2:13:49.5

2. Marie-Josee Dufour 2:15:53.9

3. Claude Godbout 2:17:53.4

4. Lyne Bessette 2:19:08.4

5. Marie-Pierre Raymond 2:25:43.5

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