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Muskoka’s Bala Falls Triathlon goes Sunday

Celebrating its 18th year Retro Style.

As one of the longest standing races in Ontario, the Bala Falls Triathlon is celebrating its 18th year with a special Retro Day.

Racers are invited to dust off their old gear to celebrate and bring back the early days of triathlon.

There will be prizes for Best Male and Female Retro Outfits, Best Male and Female Retro Bike, and a Mystery Prize for the Best Overall Retro Racer.

Currently there is a Retro Picture Contest on MultiSport Canada’s Facebook Page. The best picture will receive a free entry to a Recharge With Milk Triathlon Series race. Check out the Bala Retro Picture Contest folder.

If you are in the Muskoka area on the weekend you can still Register to participate in this unique event.