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McDonald and Kraft win Ironman Louisville

Phelan, Lewis, Danais, Harju, Imre, and Boivin crack the top ten.

Australia’s Chris McDonald and Germany’s Nina Kraft both won their second Ironman Louisville titles today in Kentucky.

McDonald, winner of the inaugural event in 2007, swam 51:47, rode into the lead with the top 4:35:45 split, and maintained that position with a 2:55:22 marathon for the win in 8:27:36. Fourth last year, and fifth in 2007, American Patrick Evoe secured his career best second place Ironman finish (8:30:35) with the fastest run of 2:52:26. Fellow American Justin Daerr took third (8:34:35). Quebec’s Dave Harju finished sixth overall (9:20:01). Canadian age groupers Andrew Imre (9:21:43), and Frederic Boivin (9:24:38) finished eighth and tenth respectively.

Kraft, the 2009 champion, raced from the front all day. She led out with a 50:14 swim, and by the end of her 5:22:47 bike ride she enjoyed a three-minute lead over Donna Phelan (CAN) and Jackie Arendt (USA). All looked good for Kraft as she slowly picked up time on her chasers, however with six miles to go she began to struggle and had a noticeable lean to her left. She even grabbed an entire bottle of cola at one of the aid stations. In the end Kraft recovered enough to win her ninth Ironman title (9:38:14) at the age of 42. Despite the top run of 3:18:50, Arendt had to settle for second (9:40:28), and American Stephanie Jones claimed third (9:52:40). Canada’s Donna Phelan finished fourth (10:01:34), Cindy Lewis moved up two spots during the run to get sixth (10:04:14), and Marie Danais completed the top ten (10:20:44).


1. Chris McDonald  8:27:36

2. Patrick Evoe  8:30:35

3. Justin Daerr  8:34:35

4. Brian Scheall  9:07:25 *M25-29

5. Jason McMillian  9:10:29 *M35-39

6. Dave Harju  CAN  9:20:01

7. Ivan Albano Junior  9:21:39

8. Andrew Imrie  CAN  9:21:43 *M30-34

9. Charley Massey  9:23:22 *M30-34

10. Frederic Boivin  CAN  9:24:38 *M18-24


1. Nina Kraft  9:38:14

2. Jackie Arendt  9:40:28

3. Stephanie Jones  9:52:40

4. Donna Phelan  CAN  10:01:34

5. Terra Castro  10:02:40

6. Cindy Lewis  CAN  10:04:14

7. Marilyn McDonald  10:06:47

8. Hillary Biscay  10:09:32

9. Kimberly Grogan  10:20:44

10. Marie Danais  CAN  10:22:23