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Kriat and Paterson win Ironman 70.3 Mooseman

Steffen and Böcherer win Ironman 70.3 Switzerland.

Kriat and Paterson win Ironman 70.3 Mooseman

It was a close head to head battle between Maxim Kriat (UKR) and Paul Ambrose (AUS), but Kriat (UKR) was able to successfully defend his title today at Ironman 70.3 Mooseman in Newfound Lake, New Hampshire.

Mere seconds separated the two men all day. Ambrose (24:18) led Kriat (24:23) out of Newfound Lake, and by the end of the bike Kriat took a slim 4-second lead onto the run where he managed to stay ahead of Ambrose thanks to a 1:16:26 run. Kriat crossed the line in 4:02:04, and Ambrose ran 1:16:29 to finish just 7 seconds later (4:02:11). Great Britain’s Tom Lowe claimed third (4:09:23).

In the women’s race, the USA’s Leslie Paterson used the top bike split of 2:40:31 and a 1:21:16 run to stay ahead of her pursuers to take the victory (4:30:58). In typical fashion, fellow American Caitlin Snow ran the top half marathon (1:18:20) to get second (4:31:46). Victoria’s Melanie McQuaid took a break from the XTERRA circuit to claim third (4:49:29). Quebec’s Annie Gervais finished 6th (4:53:19).

Top 5 men

1 Kriat, Maxim  4:02:04

2 Ambrose, Paul  4:02:11

3 Lowe, Tom  4:09:23

4 Tissink, Raynard  4:14:15

5 Ruble, Zach  4:15:18

12 Lavoie, Pierre (CAN)  4:30:35  *M45-49

Top 5 Women

1 Paterson, Lesley  4:30:58

2 Snow, Caitlin  4:31:46

3 McQuaid, Melanie (CAN) 4:49:29

4 Ferreira, Amber  4:49:33

5 Donavan, Jessie  4:51:51

6 Gervais, Annie (CAN) 4:53:19

Top Age Groupers from Canada


Lavoie, Pierre M45-49  4:30:35

Carpentier, Steeve M40-44  4:33:24

Larocque, Victor M18-24  4:41:20

Seiffert, Elizabeth W45-49  5:19:35


Theriault, Derek M40-44  4:35:06

Tremblay, Glen  M45-49  4:49:05

Kretz, Patrice  M50-54  4:49:13

Skeene, Claude M55-59  5:18:05

Villemure, Nancy W50-54  6:12:02


Badeau, Samuel M40-44  4:37:11

Sunners, James M45-49  4:50:41

Tomenson-Bharadwaj, Miranda W25-29  5:03:40

Grandmaison, Karine W30-34  5:17:29

Fabian, Kimberly  W35-39  5:18:14

Steffen and Böcherer win Ironman 70.3 Switzerland

Switzerland’s Caroline Steffen took to the lead during the bike and kept in front for the rest of the day to defend her title today (4:15:10) at Ironman 70.3 Switzerland. Fellow Swiss athlete and World Champion Cyclist Karin Thuerig, in her retirement year, made up some ground during the bike and run but came up short for second (4:18:31). German Sonja Taijsich rounded out the podium (4:24:58).

Meanwhile, Germany’s Andi Böcherer established the new course record (3:46:56) with a 22:52 swim, 2:05:48 bike, and a 1:15:13 run. Swiss athletes Ronnie Schildknecht (3:51:23) and Mathias Hecht (3:54:36) finished second and third.

Top 5 Men

1 Böcherer, Andi  3:46:56

2 Schildknecht, Ronnie  3:51:23

3 Hecht, Mathias  3:54:36

4 Amey, Paul  3:54:38

5 Viennot, Cyril  3:57:33

Top 5 Women

1 Steffen, Caroline  4:15:10

2 Thuerig, Karin  4:18:31

3 Tajsich, Sonja  4:24:58

4 Rohrbach, Regula  4:25:47

5 Csomor, Erika  4:27:20