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ITU Paratriathlon

Important Rule Changes in effect.

The ITU has adopted quite a few rule Paratriathlon rule changes for 2010. Some of them include:

  • All TRI1 Paratriathletes are required to handcycle in the recumbent position
  • All TRI6 visually impaired Paratriathletes shall wear blackout glasses for the run
  • All TRI1 Paratriathletes shall have their legs bound together for the swim portion
  • Tricycle specifications are defined for TRI3 athletes who require tricycles
  • Compulsory Paratriathlete briefing meetings

The updated Paratriathlon rules can be found within the ITU Competition Rules at triathlon.org under INSIDE ITU and DOCUMENTS. Section 16 of the Rules is specific to Paratriathlon.

“While some of the rule changes were adopted to update the rules to current practices, other rule changes were required to ensure a level playing field for all Paratriathletes within a category” said ITU Paratriathlon chair, Grant Darby on the ITU website. “These rule changes will strengthen our application to the IPC for inclusion for the 2016 Paralympics.”