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Ironman World Championship Lottery

Entry Deadline - Midnight tonight!

You have until midnight tonight to enter the Ironman World Championship Lottery.

Of course you can qualify for the event, but John Collins (one of Ironman’s founders), established the Ironman Lottery in 1983 as a way to provide athletes of all abilities the opportunity to qualify for the world’s most challenging one-day endurance event.

200 Age Group and five Physically Challenged athletes from around the globe will be selected to compete via the Ironman Lottery Program.

Starting this year, slots will not be divided between U.S. and International athletes. Instead, all 200 names will be drawn from one pool for selection.

Winners will be announced on Friday, April 15, 2011, at noon EST on ironman.com. One entry per athlete; duplicate entries will not be valid.

Enter for $40 US here.