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Ironman South Africa and 70.3 Texas Preview

Both races go Sunday.

Ironman South Africa

Sunday, April 10, 2011
Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Chrissie Wellington and Rutger Beke headline this Sunday’s Ironman South Africa.

Six time Ironman World Champion Natasha Badmann will try to give Wellington a run for her money along with Belinda Granger, and Amanda Stevens.

Beke will face stiff competition from Luke Bell, Marino Vanhoenacker, Tom Lowe, Jason Shortis, Eduardo Sturla, and hometown favourites Raynard Tissink and James Cunnama.

Professional Start List


1 Rutger Beke Male Belgium

2 Luke Bell Male Australia

3 Dominik Berger Male Austria

4 Marcel Bischof Male Germany

5 Andreas Böcherer Male Germany

6 Balazs Csoke Male Hungary

7 James Cunnama Male South Africa

8 Trevor Delsaut Male France

9 Erich Felbabel Male France

10 Daniel Fontana Male Italy

11 Bryn Freeman Male South Africa

12 Michael Göhner Male Germany

13 Kent Horner Male South Africa

14 Bert Jammaer Male Belgium

15 Freddy Lampret Male South Africa

16 Cedric Largajolli Male France

17 Tom Lowe Male England

18 Sergio Marques Male Portugal

19 Toby Radcliffe Male England

20 Dave Rost Male Netherlands

21 Gilad Rotem Male Israel

22 Mike Schifferle Male Switzerland

23 Jason Shortis Male Australia

24 Heinrich Sickl Male Austria

25 Erik-Simon Strijk Male Netherlands

26 Eduardo Sturla Male Argentina

27 Swen Sundberg Male Germany

28 Raynard Tissink Male South Africa

29 Craig Twigg Male England

30 Petr Vabrousek Male Czech Republic

31 Marino Vanhoenacker Male Belgium

32 Cyril Viennot Male France

33 Patrick Wallimann Male Switzerland

34 Uwe Widmann Male Germany


1 Natascha Badmann Female Switzerland

2 Silvia Balbach Female Germany

3 Simone Benz Female Switzerland

4 Helen Buley Female South Africa

5 Martina Dogana Female Italy

6 Eva Dollinger Female Austria

7 Belinda Granger Female Australia

8 Yvette Grice Female England

9 Claire Horner Female South Africa

10 Rachel Joyce Female England

11 Caroline Koll Female South Africa

12 Diana Riesler Female Germany

13 Amanda Stevens Female United States

14 Chrissie Wellington Female England

15 Nicole Woysch Female Germany

Race site

Ironman 70.3 Texas

Sunday, April 10, 2011
Galveston Island, Texas

By the looks of it, it will be another fast one at Galveston Island. Not only is there a star-studded list of fast athletes expected, but the course is flat and fast. The only thing that might slow them down is wind during the mostly unsheltered bike ride. The run course at Moody Gardens is also lined with spectators to keep motivation at a high level. The race serves as the Ironman 70.3 US Professional Championship so there is $75 000 US in prize money.

With the ever changing nature of the professional start list for Ironman 70.3 races, we can’t be 100% sure of who will toe the start line until registration. Regardless, we’ve highlighted some of the notable names on the professional start list. The Canadians are bolded.


14 Ambrose Paul MPRO

4 Amey Paul MPRO

50 Cigana Massimo MPRO

8 Cunningham Richie MPRO

20 Daerr Justin MPRO

26 Guillaume Romain MPRO

7 Henning Rasmus MPRO

30 Kilshaw Stephen MPRO

10 Kriat Maxim MPRO

3 Lieto Chris MPRO

31 Lieto Matt MPRO

6 McKenzie Luke MPRO

36 Neill Mike MPRO

2 O’Donnell Timothy MPRO

52 Poulsen Brent MPRO

5 Reed Matty MPRO

9 Schildknecht Ronnie MPRO

43 Sudrie Sylvain MPRO

45 Van Lierde Frederik MPRO


60 Carfrae Mirinda WPRO

62 Cave Leanda WPRO

74 Deckers Tine WPRO

66 Griesbauer Dede WPRO

78 Kessler Meredith WPRO

84 Hoogland Tenille WPRO

68 Major Kate WPRO

71 Morrison Catriona WPRO

65 Naeth Angela WPRO

70 Stewart Tyler WPRO

73 Tajsich Sonja WPRO

63 Thuerig Karin WPRO

69 Warriner Samantha WPRO

61 Williamson Kelly WPRO

Race site

* As usual ironman.com will have live coverage of both events.