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Ironman Arizona Preview

Power packed professional start list. Lieto & Wellington plus more.

At this coming Sunday’s Ironman Arizona, the USA’s Jordan Rapp returns to defend his title after a overcoming a near fatal collision with an automobile in March. But the interesting stories do not end there for the seventh edition of this race.

Second, on the list is Tempe Town Lake. After a dam burst in July and emptied the lake, the lake is filled and ready to host some 2500 athletes.

Third and most exciting is the professional field that has assembled for this race. Many of the big players that we normally see racing each other at Kona are set to toe the line in Tempe.

The men’s field will feature Chris Lieto, Timo Bracht, Matt Reid, Rasmus Henning, Maik Twelsiek, and Max Longree. Canadians Jordan Bryden, Jonathan Caron, and Trevor Wurtele will be there to mix it up with them.

After missing out on defending her Ironman World Title due to illness, Great Britain’s Chrissie Wellington is in Tempe to show that she is still on top of her game. And with the flat and fast course, we just might see a new Ironman world record time. She will be challenged by American Linsey Corbin (women’s runner up to Samantha McGlone from the last Ironman Arizona), Erika Csomor, Rachel Joyce, Meredith Kessler, and Canadians Heather Wurtele, Rachel Kiers, and Miranda Hardwick Alldritt.

Pro Men

Jordan Rapp

Jozsef Major

Chris Lieto

Maik Twelsiek

Max Longree

Jan Raphael

Rasmus Henning

Timo Bracht

Matty Reed

Sergio Enrique Quezeda Ruiz

Tim Snow

Juan Carlos Ramirez

David Kahn

Mike Caiazzo

Sickl Heinrich

Eric Daniel Bean

Kirk Nelson

Dion Harrison

Patrick Bless

Bruno Clerbout

Marco Schreck

Mike J Schifferle

Leon Griffin

Frank Vytrisal

Daniel Bretscher

Jesse Vondracek

Devon Palmer

Jozef Vrabel

Ian Mikelson

Anthony C Toth

Trevor Wurtele

Matjaz Kovac

Dantley Young

Matthew Russell

Torsten L Abel

Eneko Elosegui

John Dahlz

Lewis Elliot

Jimmy Archer

Stijn Demeulemeester

James Bonney

Kevin Everett

Karl Bordine

Adam O’Meara

Jerzy Kasemier

Tom Lowe

Marek Nemcik

Brandon Marsh

Paul Amey

Jonathan Caron

Eric Sullivan

Jordan Bryden

Raymond Botelho

Blake Becker

Joe McDaniel

Pro Women

Chrissie Wellington

Heleen bij de Vaate

Erika Csomor

Meredith Brooke Keeran Kessler

Linsey Nora Corbin

Heather Wurtele

Nina Kraft

Leanda R Cave

Terra Joy Castro

Yasuko Miyazaki

Beatrix Blattmann

Mackenzie Renee Madison

Uli Bromme

Rachel Sarah Joyce

Megan June Gaskill

Lauren Harrison

Annett Kamenz

Rachel Kiers

Jocelyn Wong

Miranda Hardwick Alldritt

Lyne Bessette

Stacey Richardson

Chrissy Parks

Molly Hummell