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Ironman 70.3 San Juan Results

O'Donnell and Williamson win the inaugural race. Tisseyre gets fourth.

Americans Tim O’Donnell (Boulder, CO) and Kelly Williamson (Austin, TX) both used their running abilities to win the inaugural titles at Ironman 70.3 San Juan today.

O’Donnell, 31, led the swim (23:55) with David Khan (USA), dropped back to second place during the bike (2:05:36) just behind Australian Luke McKenzie (2:04:18), then ran the top half marathon of 1:16:17 to take control of the race to win in 3:49:29. Great Britain’s Paul Amey also ran strong (1:17:15) to get second (3:52:37), and McKenzie hung on for third (3:56:57).

Williamson, 34, was fifth off the bike (Margaret Shapiro was first with the top split of 2:19:34), but simply ran through the women ahead of her by throwing down a 1:20:25 women’s leading run split. Australia’s Kate Major was second (4:19:09), just ahead of strong running American Caitlin Snow (4:20:33). Canada’s Magali Tisseyre, rode a strong 2:20:50 to be second off the bike, but the effort may have caused her to fade on the run (1:28:29) to finish fourth (4:21:36).

Ironman World Champion Chris McCormack DNF’d for the second consecutive weekend. Last week a mechanical, today his calf muscle.

“These calf muscles are temperamental things and this one flared up about 2.5 miles from home today. Could not believe it. I nursed it for about 1 mile thinking I could get home, but thought smartest thing would be to stop,” said McCormack on Facebook. “I have this bit of scar tissue sitting on the outer calf that is a little fragile at the moment and is straining under load. WCS race is definitely a no start for me in 3 weeks time, but I think I should be golden and back to full function in 7-10 days. Stopping was the smartest thing. That downhill finish would have killed it.”


1. Timothy O’Donnell (USA)  3:49:29
2. Paul Amey (GBR)  3:52:37
3. Luke McKenzie (AUS)  3:56:57
4. David Kahn (USA)  3:58:40
5. Alessandro Degasperi (ITA)  4:01:15
6. Tony White (USA)  4:04:16
7. Justin Daerr (USA)  4:04:56
8. Oscar Galindez (ARG)  4:05:16
9. Trevor Delsaut (FRA)  4:05:18
10. Mikel Elgezabal (ESP)  4:05:41


1. Kelly Williamson (USA)  4:15:38
2. Kate Major (AUS)  4:19:05
3. Caitlin Snow (USA)  4:20:33
4. Magali Tisseyre (CAN)  4:21:36
5. Margaret Shapiro (USA)  4:24:52
6. Desiree Ficker (USA)  4:27:48
7. Kim Loeffler (USA)  4:29:02
8. Nina Kraft (GER)  4:31:53
9. Bree Wee (USA)  4:33:23
10. Ariane Monteceli (BRA)  4:34:31