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Gillian Clayton completes the Vancouver Sprint Triathlon

The 2012 Ironman Canada Champion was 33 weeks pregnant at the time.

2012 Ironman Canada Champion Gillian Clayton recently completed the Vancouver Sprint Triathlon.

If that sounds pretty ordinary to you think again. She did the race when she was 33 weeks pregnant!

Here is bit of what happened to her at the race:

In any case, yes, I did the whole thing. As in, the shortest races I’ve ever done. 500m swim, 20km bike, and 5km run. It was awesome. I would also like to include that if you are racing while reasonably pregnant, the transitions really should be included, as to me, they were actually the harder events. No kidding. Run up long beach in sand when your ligaments are slowly turning to rubber bands? Check. Get biking shoes on while not sticking out your rear so far that no one can get by with their bike? Get on & off bike while people watch you and wonder, “what the hell is up with her stomach?” Return & put on running shoes & then get upper ab cramp (actually I was quite excited, meaning my abs are still strong enough to actually cramp), then push the baby down away from my ribs & take a big pregnancy breath to reassure you & your baby that everything is fine & you’re going to run now. Clearly, T1 and T2 were far more athletic events for me.

You can read her entire race report to find out about her entire experience.