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Findlay writes about her Olympic experience

She was in London to win, not just to participate.

In Paula Findlay’s latest blog, she writes about her experience at the London Olympics. Below are a few excerpts.

Never, never, never, give up

“I wasn’t headed to the Olympics just to participate and call myself an Olympian. I wanted to be on the podium. I was aware that my chances of accomplishing this were significantly lower after my difficult year, but it never lessened my desire to be the best. I lined up against 54 of the worlds fastest triathletes wanting to beat them, and believing that maybe I could. If I didn’t believe that it could happen, then there’s no way it was going to happen. (Yeah I know, it didn’t happen).”

“I need to make some changes and I’m not entirely sure what the next few months have in store for me. I think I’ll keep that quote on my laptop (Never, never, never, give up) for now. Never give up, finish what you start, and keep on believing. Thanks a million to you all”

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