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Dibens and Llanos win XTERRA Double

Alberta's Beverly Watson wins age group double award.

Eneko Llanos from Spain won the men’s pro Hawaiian Airlines Double award for the 5th consecutive year today. Llanos placed 7th at the Ironman World Championship in 8:22:02, and 6th at XTERRA Worlds today for a combined time of 11:02:46, his fastest combined total time in the last five years.  Julie Dibens from Bath, England won the women’s pro “Double” with a 3rd place finish in Kona, and a 2nd place in Maui today for a combined 12:09:36.

In the amateur double competition Thomas Vonach had the best combined times with a 12:24:35, while Amber Monforte won the women’s amateur title in a combined 14:08:52.

The Hawaiian Airlines “Double” purse is awarded to the pro and amateur men and women with the fastest combined time at Ironman Hawaii World Championship in Kona, Hawaii and the XTERRA World Championship in Makena, Maui.  The two events are held just two weeks apart.  Hawaiian Airlines pays $2,500 to both the top man and woman professionals, while the amateur winners receive round trip tickets for two from the U.S. west coast to Hawaii.

Pro Men

Name            Country Division            Ironman            XTERRA            Total

Eneko Llanos  Spain  MPro  8:22:02  2:40:44   11:02:46

Pro Women

Julie Dibens  England  WPro  9:10:04, 2:59:32   12:09:36

Men’s Amateurs

Thomas Vonach  Austria  M35-39  9:28:56  2:55:39  12:24:35

Slater Fletcher  USA  M30-34  9:27:10  3:01:37  12:28:47

Raoul De Jongh  South Africa  M30-34  9:37:23  3:01:00  12:38:23

Mark Geoghegan  USA  M45-49  9:43:15  3:06:26  12:49:41

Pablo Ureta  Switzerland  M30-34  9:37:16  3:13:32  12:50:48

Daniel Mannweiler  Germany  M30-34  9:29:29  3:27:30  12:56:59

Eric Kollai  USA  M30-34  9:59:14  3:10:28  13:09:42

Richard Stoffel  Switzerland  M40-44  9:38:42  3:34:05  13:12:47

Morgan Zbinden  Switzerland  M40-44  10:15:30  3:16:44  13:32:14

Martin Leclaire  Germany  M40-44  10:12:36  3:38:56  13:51:32

Todd Borke  USA  M40-44  11:41:42  3:39:53  15:21:35

Nicholas Kaiser  USA  M55-59  11:31:36  4:06:12  15:37:48

Peter Wood  USA  M65-69  12:04:43  4:06:19  16:11:02

Stephen DeWald  USA  M40-44  12:51:07  4:10:58  17:02:05

Women’s Amateurs

Amber Monforte  USA  W30-34  10:50:00  3:18:52  14:08:52

Mindy Fernando  USA  W30-34  10:47:35  3:50:02  14:37:37

Rachel Beckmann  USA  W25-29  11:31:37  3:49:32  15:21:09

Beverly Watson  Alberta, Canada  W55-59  12:24:04  3:56:39  16:20:43