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Checking in with Whitfield

Simon Whitfield gives his Super Bowl Picks.

Fresh off a training camp in Maui, we caught up with Simon Whitfield to offer a few thoughts on his progress so far this season.

TMC: You just finished your Hawaii training camp. How do you feel at this point? Do you get any sense how this camp sets up your season?

SW: We had a really positive and productive camp. I’m in way better shape than I was at this time last year, not even comparable. With baby #2 coming in March we’ll see where I’m at in April…. but for now, on track and exactly where I want to be.

TMC: What is your main focus this season? Big races?

SW: The World Series (ITU) is so exciting and fun to race, it’s getting more and more competitive and I simply love trying to work out the “puzzle”, I want to compete with the best because to me that’s solving the puzzle.

TMC: Anything else new and exciting?

SW: I switched to Specialized bikes this year, after talking with a couple pro cyclists about their experiences, listening to Jordan Rapp (Ironman Canada Champion) who is my closest friend and an outright gear geek. Riding an SL3 all winter I’m convinced I have a bike that gives me an advantage. The SL3 is a really dynamic and fun bike to ride.

TMC: Do you have some Super Bowl picks for us and a score?

SW: I’m a Peyton guy, love his competitiveness and he just seems so much more prepared then the others. Indy 35-28.