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Australia’s Brad Kahlefeldt is hospitalized

Isolated with a suspected of pneumonia or tuberculosis. Get updates about his condition.

As if today (May 16), Brad Kahlefeldt is clear of TB. It is looking like it is pneumonia – which he is being treated for and should clear up in one week. He plans on leaving the hospital on May 17.

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After racing to 26th place at the ITU San Diego race on Saturday, Australia’s Brad Kahlefeldt was sent to the hospital after complaining of pains in his chest.

An initial assessment led doctors to suspect that the London Olympic bound athlete has a case of pneumonia or tuberculosis. Kahlefeldt has been isolated and is not able to travel until further tests can confirm a diagnosis.

“Currently still in a hospital bed here in SD for results whether it is Pneumonia or Tuberculosis. My flight to Europe just left an hour ago,” tweeted Kahlefeldt. “Thanks everyone. Waiting on more test results. In an isolation room at least next couple of days. Boredom.”

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Brad is providing updates on his condition at his blog.