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2010 Winter Triathlon World Championships Results

USA and Sweden take top honours.

Sweden’s Andreas Svanebo and America’s Rebecca Dussault won the elite events at the Winter Triathlon World Championships in Norway today.

Svanebo, a three time European Champion, took the lead during the first lap of the bike and skied to the finish in a time of 1:09:40. This allowed him to finish ahead of Norway’s Tor Halvor Bjornstad (1:10:20), ending Norway’s three-year winning streak in the men’s category. Russian Pavel Andreev took bronze, the same position he had last week at the European Championships.

With her start to finish victory, Dussault, who won bronze last year, became the first non-European athlete in the fourteen-year history of the sport to take an elite world championship title. Russia’s Tatiana Charochkina was second, and Norway’s Hanne Tronnes took third.

Aneta Grabmullerova (CZE) and Pavel Yakimov (RUS) won the Junior category, while Tuva Toftdahl (NOR) and Maxim Kuzmin (RUS) won the Under 23 division.

Elite Men

1.  Andreas Svanebo (SWE)  1:09:40

2.  Tor Halvor Bjørnstad (NOR) 1:10:20

3.  Pavel Andreev (RUS)  1:10:22

4.  Arne Post (NOR)  1:10:43

5.  Daniel Antonioli (ITA)  1:11:17

Elite Women

1.  Rebecca Dussault (USA)  1:19:47

2.  Tatiana Charochkina (RUS)  1:21:34

3.  Hanne Trønnes (NOR)  1:21:40

4.  Marthe K Myhre (NOR)  1:21:40

5.  Olga Vostrukhova (RUS)  1:24:49

U23 women

1.  Tuva Toftdahl (NOR)  1:21:22

2.  Romana Slavinec (AUT)  1:25:42

3.  Anna Evseeva (RUS)  1:25:52

U23 Men

1. Maxim Kuzmin (RUS)  1:11:52

2. Peter Mosny (SVK )  1:12:36

3. Pavel Khanzhin (RUS)  1:13:12

Junior women

1.  Aneta Grabmullerova (CZE)  1:01:12

2.  Emilie Moberg (NOR)  1:03:00

3.  Ekaterina Mineava (RUS)  1:03:27

Junior Men

1.  Pavel Yakimov (RUS)  51:50

2.  Håkon Karlstad (NOR)  52:19

3.  Evgeny Bayguzov (RUS)  52:20