On this coming Sunday May 6, the professionals will race each other over the Olympic distance at the third edition of Rev3 Knoxville.

Who’s racing? See below:

Pro Men

Pro Women

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Josh Seifarth (CA)

Alexander VanderLinden (CA)

AJ Baucco (US)

Allen “Broski” Gardner (US)

Andrew Yoder (US)

Ben Hammond (AU)

Brian Fleischmann (US)

Bryan Rhodes (NZ)

Cameron Dye (US)

Chris Baird (US)

Chris Foster (US)

Chris Kemp (AU)

Dan Feeney (US)

Daniel Bretscher (US)

David Thompson (US)

Devon Palmer (US)

Eric Limkemann (US)

Greg Bennett (US)

Gregory Kopecky (US)

Ivan Kalashnikov (RU)

Jack Smith (US)

James Burns (US)

James Duff (US)

Jimmy Archer (US)

Joshua Amberger (AU)

Kaleb M. VanOrt (US)

Kyle Lee (US)

Kyle Leto (US)

Mathias Hecht (CH)

Matty Reed (US)

Michael Poole (NZ)

Mike Hermanson (US)

Nickolaus Early (US)

Richie Cunningham (AU)

Tony White (US)

Viktor Zyemtsev (UA)

Alaina Case (US)

Amanda Felder (US)

Amanda Lovato (US)

Ashley Clifford (US)

Becky Lavelle (US)

Bree Wee (US)

Brianna Blachard (US)

Christie Sym (AU)

Courtenay Brown (US)

Jessica Meyers (US)

Jonna Trexler (US)

Kate Major (AU)

Kelly Williamson (US)

Kristin White (US)

Laurel Wassner (US)

Lauren Goss (US)

Lisa Mueller (US)

Madeleine Oldfield (AU)

Malaika Homo (US)

Megan Riepma (US)

Michelle Bremer (NZ)

Morgan Chaffin (US)

Nicole Kelleher (US)

Sara McLarty (US)

Sarah Gray (US)

Whitney Garcia (US)

A full Rev3 Knoxville Preview.

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