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Workout Wednesday: Run Intervals

Lauren Brandon leading the way at Ironman Mont-Tremblant in August

-by Lauren Brandon

Run workouts that include intervals are an absolute necessity to getting faster at running. Whether you are working on finishing your first sprint triathlon or if you’re getting ready for your tenth Ironman, the following workout will help you build strength and speed.

What I love about the following workout is that you can get in 10k of intervals without feeling like you are doing a monotonous interval session. I would really struggle with doing 10 x 1k, but this workout keeps me engaged and working hard until the end.

I like to do this on a flat surface, either a road or trail that does not have much elevation change.


Workout option 1:

Warm up: 10-15 minutes with some 30-60 second builds

Main set:

  • 3k (70.3 pace- or about 80%)
  • Rest 2 minutes after the 3k
  • 2x 2k (Olympic distance pace- 90%)
  • Rest 2 minutes after each 2k
  • 3x 1k (FAST- 100%)
  • Rest 2 minutes after each 1k

Cool down: 10-15 minutes of easy running

Workout option 2:

If you need to to do a shorter run session, but still want to sneak in some intervals then do the following workout. This might be done better on the track due to the 400’s at the end

Warm up: 10 minutes with some 30-60 second builds

Main Set:

  • 2k at 80%
  • Rest 2 minutes
  • 2x 1 k at 90 %
  • Rest 2 minutes after each 1k
  • 4x 400 meters at 100%

Cool down: 10 minutes of easy running