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Workout Wednesday: Bike-Run Fun

Lionel Sanders entering T2

Bike/run workouts (or “brick” workouts) definitely have a lot of benefits. Not only does this type of training get you physically and mentally prepared for running off the bike during a race, but it also is a very time efficient workout. During Ironman (or long course) training programs you will often typically see a longer brick workout such as a 3-4 hour bike with a 30-60 minute run off. This is a great session to do, but it’s also fun to mix it up a bit, especially if you are focusing on shorter distance races. When you’re crunched for time during the week, try this 90-minute brick session and get a lot of bang for your buck!

Workout Duration: 90 minutes
*This set can either be done with the trainer and treadmill set up next to one another OR the trainer and then the run portion outside. I don’t have a treadmill, so I would do the bike on the trainer and then do a short out and back in my neighbourhood for the run.

Warm Up: 20-minute bike (with 5×30 second sprints); and a 10-minute run off with 5×30 second sprints

Main Set:
3 rounds of the following:
-8 minutes hard on the bike
-4 minutes hard for the run
-4 minutes easy (choice running or biking)

Cool down: Bike or run 10 minutes easy