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Hill repeats on the bike

Gain power and strength by including this workout in your training

— by Lauren Brandon

This year, we have had multiple workouts that had you doing hill repeats for your run training. Now it is time to bring some hill action into your cycling.

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The benefits of doing hill repeats on your bike are similar to the benefits you see while running uphill: gaining strength and power. Riding uphill is a great way to get stronger on the bike and increase your power threshold.

The workout is simple: ride hard uphill and easy downhill. This is also a workout that is quick and effective. If you don’t have a hill to ride up, then do these intervals using a big gear (low cadence) on a flat road.

Lauren Brandon racing at 2018 IRONMAN Mont-Tremblant.

Duration: 60-75 minutes


Warm Up: 20 minutes easy (include 5x 30 seconds hard)

Main Set: 3x 6 minutes hard uphill/ 3 minutes easy downhill

Cool Down: 13 minutes easy

More Advanced

Warm Up: 20 minutes (include 5x 30 seconds hard)

Main Set: 3x 10 minutes hard uphill/ 5 minutes easy downhill

Cool Down: 10 minutes