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Daniel Clarke | The Tri Community is Awesome Vlog 072


The triathlon community is an awesome group of people.  Last week we had our race wheels and bike bag stolen.  I posted about it in social media in hopes someone might see them being peddled on an online classified.  The support was overwhelming.  It wasn’t just friends, but friends of friends, or people who just knew of me through these videos that shared the post, looked through local online classifieds, and offered up their race wheels and bike bags to use for my race this weekend.  Sure, there are some bad apples, but the majority of the people in the sport are great, hardworking athletes, who not only have their own goals, but want to see their peers achieve their goals as well.  This creates a great community in the sport, and is something I can forget when I read about the dopers, course cutters, and cheaters.

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by Daniel Clarke